CASS Schedule

Participant project presentations are now available online!

All activities start at 9am and run until noon unless otherwise indicated.
Date Topic/Activity Speaker Readings Location Slides
Monday, July 24 Welcome and Introduction Kim Binsted none POST 126 slides
Tuesday, July 25 The Deep Impact Mission:  New Paradigms in Early Solar System Formation AND Astrobiology - The Origin of Water on Earth Karen Meech readings 1, 2, 3 and 4 Waterhole  
Wednesday, July 26 discussion of Karen Meech's talks none none POST 126    
Thursday, July 27 Searching for life in extreme environments Chris McKay readings 1 and 2 POST 126 CASS talk 1 and CASS talk 2
Friday, July 28 When Will We Discover the Extraterrestrials? AND A Scheme for Targeting Optical SETI Observations Seth Shostak reading 1 POST 126 slides
6:30PM Friday, July 28 PUBLIC TALK: Searching for Life in the Universe Seth Shostak and Chris McKay none Art 132 McKay slides
NOON, Saturday, July 29 Ocean Field Trip: POSTPONED to Thursday Aug 3        
Sunday, July 30 Free Time        
Monday, July 31 Computer Modeling of Hydrothermal Alteration of Asteroids Lysa Chyzmadia reading 1 and 2 Waterhole    
Tuesday, August 01 Computational Forays into Mathematical Biology Eric Gaidos reading 1 and 2 POST 126  
Wednesday, August 02 Pan-STARRS, VYSOS, and Database Astronomy Eugene Magnier explore here POST 126 slides
Thursday, August 03 Protein Structural Adaptations to Extreme Environments Andy Boal hardcopy reading Waterhole slides
1pm-4pm, Thursday, August 03 Ocean Field Trip carpool to Kaneohe after lunch   Coconut Island  
Friday, August 04 Is Anybody Out There? Searching for ET with Five Million SETI@home Volunteers Dan Werthimer explore here POST 126 slides
7AM, Saturday, August 05 Big Island Field Trip: Mauna Kea telescopes     meet at airport  
Sunday, August 06 Big Island Field Trip: Kilauea eruption        
Monday, August 07 Modeling habitable planet formation Nader Haghighipour Readings 1, 2 and 3 Waterhole slides
Tuesday, August 08 The structure of star-forming molecular clouds Jonathan Williams reading 1 POST 126 slides
Wednesday, August 09 Ices in star-forming clouds: Probes of the physical and chemical environment Jacqueline Keane Readings 1, 2 and 3 Waterhole  
Thursday, August 10 High Performance Computing Susan Brown none POST 126
Friday, August 11 Project Presentations and Luau     POST 126 then KBC