Pronoun Systems

  1. Fijian pronouns. Arrange the Fijian pronouns (O'Grady ex 7:9, page 282) in a table and give an appropriate label to each of the rows and columns of the table.
  2. English pronouns. Do the same for the English pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, they.
  3. Questions. Answer questions i) and ii) in ex 7:9.
  4. Case forms of the English pronouns. Look at ex 6:4, which gives four different forms for the Russian first person singular pronoun. Does English have parallel differences in form for its pronouns? Add a dimension to your table in 2. above to include these additional forms, and decide upon appropriate case labels. (For more information on cases, see O'Grady chapter 4, section 6.3.)