Predicting Cognates

Based on the correspondences given below, fill in the empty blanks in the table with the form(s) you would predict for the language indicated (assuming that you do not know the actual form) based on the form given for the sister (or parent) language to the left or right. Where more than one form could be predicted, give all possible cognate forms. The sound correspondences among the five sister languages involved are listed below for your convenience.

1. HAW lani sky / MAO _______ sky
2. HAW ‘uku louse / MAO _______ louse
3. MAO _______ seven / SAM fitu seven
4. MAO _______ turn / TON fuli turn
5. MAO _______ woman / SAM fafine woman
6. HAW haa four / TON _______ four
7. PPN _______ deaf / HAW kuli deaf
8. HAW _______ rain / TON ‘uha rain

Polynesian Correspondences. Here are the Polynesian correspondences we have been working with, given in the order HAW/MAO/SAM/TAK/TON. (Capital N stands for the velar nasal.)

*p	 p/p/p/p/p	
*t	 k/t/t/t/t	
*k	 `/k/`/k/k	
*`	 ////`	
*	 ////	
*h	 ////h	
*w	 w/w/v/v/v	
	(w/w /f/f/f	(/*#___as, af)
*f	(h/wh/f/f/f	(/*#___i,e,a)
	(h/h /f/f/f	(elsewhere)
*s	 h/h/s/s/h	
*m	 m/m/m/m/m	
*n	 n/n/n/n/n
*	 n/N/N/n/N
*l	 l/r/l/r/l	
*r	 l/r/l/r/	
*i	 i/i/i/i/i	
*e	 e/e/e/e/e
*a	(a/a/a/a/e	(/*___ri, fi)
	(a/a/a/a/a	(elsewhere)
*o	 o/o/o/o/o	
*u	 u/u/u/u/u