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Final Examination Study Questions

Ling 420, Morphology

Be prepared to give brief answers to the following questions.

Specifics with respect to the Final Examination, Spring 2000

Be prepared to match terms with language data in which the concept is identified. As an example, the Turkish word for 'my child', which contains a "soft g," is used by Matthews (1991:151) to exemplify the concept of fusion. Chapter 11 in Matthews (1991) gives four main characteristics of words. Be especially prepared to recognize and identify examples that (if they existed) would constitute counterexamples to these characteristics.

After you have identified the concepts exemplified in various sets of language data, be prepared to indicate whether each example involves Inflection (I), Compounding (C), Derivation (D), or whether these distinctions are Not Applicable (NA) to the example at hand. Thus, for example, one would indicate that the Turkish example above involves Inflection.

A distinctive feature analysis of Latin verb inflection identifies the following privative morphosyntactic features as being marked by the inflections: perfect, subjunctive, future, past ["imperfect"], passive, first person, second person, plural. Be prepared to indicate whether the exponents of a particular feature or distinction are located in the stem, the increment, the suffix (as we used these terms in Latin 7), or in some combination of the three. For example, if asked where the distinction "perfect vs. nonperfect in the (present) active indicative" is made, one would reply "in both the stem and the suffix," because making this distinction involves substituting the perfect stem for the present stem, and the -i: set of suffixes for the -o: set of suffixes. (It does not involve a change in increment, however, because the increment is zero in both the perfect and the nonperfect.)

Be prepared to identify the ways in which the perfect stem for a given Latin verb differs from its present stem counterpart. (This is the same kind of operation we did in determining proper "sort handles" in Latin 7.)

Be prepared to answer several "short answer" questions from those listed above.

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