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Chapter 7

7c-4-1. audi:veram. 'Had heard.' (4.pluperf.act.ind.1sg)

7c-4-2. porta:ba:mus. 'We were carrying.' (1.imperf.act.ind.1pl) (7b-1)

7c-4-3. doce:s. 'You (sg.) teach.' (2.pres.act.ind.2sg) (7b-1)

7c-4-4. doce:bunt. 'They will teach.' (2.fut.act.ind.3pl) (7b-1)

7c-4-5. tra:csit. 'S/he has dragged.' (3.perf.act.ind.3sg)

7c-4-6. capie:tis. 'Shall/will capture/take.' (3a.fut.act.ind.2pl)

7c-4-7. trahor. 'I am being dragged.' (3.pres.pass.ind.1sg) (7c-1)

7c-4-8. porta:ti: sunt. 'They have been carried.' (1.perf.pass. ind.3pl) (7c-2)

7c-4-9. audie:ba:mini:. 'You (pl.) were being heard.' (4.imperf.pass.ind.2pl) (7c-1)

7c-4-10. capti: era:mus. 'We had been captured.' (3a.pluperf.pass.ind.1pl)

7c-4-11. 'He captures.' capit. (3.pres.act.ind.3sg)

7c-4-12. 'They will drag.' trahent. (3.fut.act.ind.3pl) (7b-1)

7c-4-13. 'We have been carried.' porta:ti: sumus (1.perf.pass.ind.1pl) (7c-2)

7c-4-14. 'You (sg.) were being taught.' doce:ba:ris. (2.imperf.pass.ind.2sg) (7c-1)

7c-4-15. 'I shall have been heard.' audi:tus ero:. (4.fut.perf.pass.ind.1sg)

7c-4-16. 'He was hearing.' ayduebat. (4.imperf.act.ind.3sg)

7c-4-17. 'You (pl.) will be taught.' doce:bimini:. (2.fut.pass.ind.2pl) (7c-1)

7c-4-18. 'We drag.' trahimus. (3.pres.act.ind.1pl) (7b-1)

7c-4-19. 'I had been carried.' porta:tus eram. (1.pluperf.pass.ind.1sg) (7c-2)

7c-4-20. 'You (pl.) have captured.' ce:pistis. (3a.perf.act.ind.2pl)

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