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Chapter 35

35-1-1 loquar an taceam?

speak.3.pres.act.sub.1sg or be.quiet.2.pres.act.sub.1sg

'Should I speak or be quiet?' (35-1a)

35-1-2 ad forum feti:ne:mus!

to forum.m. hurry.1.pres.act.subj.1pl

'Let us hurry to the forum!' (35-1b)

35-1-3 utinam iuvenis patri: pa:ruisset!

If only you.3.m.gen.sg father.3.m.dat.sg obey.2.plu.at.subj.3sg

'If only the young man would obey his father!'

35-1-4 quo: modo: hostibus resista:mus?

how enemy.3.m,f.dat.pl resist.3.pres.act.subj.1pl

'How are we to resist the enemies?' (35-1a)

35-1-5 si: servi: aquam celeriter attulissent, domus flammi:s no:n de:le:ta esset.

if slave.2.m.nom.pl water.1.f.acc.sg. quickly bring.3.pluperf.act.subj.3pl house.4.f.nom.sg. flame.1.f.abl.pl not destroy.3.pluf.pass.subj.3sg

'If the slaves had brought water quickly, the house would not have been destroyed by flames.'

35-2-1 tam saevus erat leo: ut ne:mo: ei: appropinqua:re aude:ret.

so savage.1.m.nom.sg be.impf.act.ind.3sg lion.3.m.nom.sg as no.one

he.m.dat.sg approach.1.infinitive dare.2.impf.act.sub.3s

'The lion was so savage that no one would dare approach him.' (35-2b)

35-2-2 cum dux mi:lite:s i:nstru:cisset, tuba sonuit.

when leader.3m.nom.sg arrange.3.pluperf.subj.3sg trumpet.1.f.nom.sg sound.2.perf.act.ind.3sg

'When the leader had drawn troops, the trumpet sounded.' (35-2c)

35-2-3 custo:de:s me: roga:ve:runt qua:re: co:nsulem vi:sita:re vellem.

guard.3.m.nom.pl me ask.1.perf.act.ind.3pl why consul.3.m.acc.sg visit.1.inf want.2.imperf.subj.sg

'The guards asked me why I wanted to visit the counsel.'

35-2-4 ma:ter pueri:s impera:vit ne: verba obsce:na in mu:ro: scri:berent.

mother.3.f.nom.sg boy.2.m.dat.pl order.1.perf.act.ind.3sg not to word.2.n.acc.pl obscene.1,2.n.acc.pl on wall.2.m.abl.sg write.3.imperf.act.subj.3pl

'The mother told the boys not to write obscene words on the wall.' (35-2k)

35-2-5 ad aulam contendimus ut veniam a: re:ge petere:mus.

to palace.1.f.acc.sg hurry.3.pres.act.ind.1pl in.order.to mercy.1.f.acc.sg from king.3.m.abl.sg. seek.3.imperf.act.subj..1pl.

'We are hurrying to the palace to seek mercy from the king.'

35-2-6 claudite porta:s castro:rum, priusquam hoste:s intrent!

close.3.imp.act.pl gate.1.f.acc.pl camp.2.n.gen.pl before enemy.3.m.nom.pl


'Close the gates of the camps before the enemies enter.' (35-2d)

35-2-7 fabri:mei:, quamvi:s sint, labo:ra:re no:n de:sinunt.

craftsman.2.m.gen.pl I.gen.sg although tired.1.m.perf.pass,subj.3pl work.inf not end.pres.act.ind.3pl.

'My craftsmen, although tired, did not stop working.' (35-2e)

35-2-8 puella di:xit haruspice:s, postquam victimam i:nspexissent, o:mina pessima nu:ntia:visse.

Girl.1.f.nom.sg say.3.perf.act.ind.3sg soothsayer.3.m.acc.pl after victim.1.f.acc.sg examine.3a.plu.act.subj.3pl omen.3.n.acc.3pl worst.n.pl announce.3.perf.act.inf

'The girl said the soothsayers, after having examined the victin, had announced the worst omens.' (25-7)

35-2-9 servi: lauda:bantur quia dominum e: peri:culo: serva:vissent.

slave.2.m.nom.pl praise.1.imperf.pass.ind.3pl because master.2.m.acc.sg from danger.2.n.abl.sg save.1.pluperf.act.subj.3pl

'The slaves were being praised because they had saved the master from danger.' (35-2c)

35-2-10 agricola attonitus co:nstitit, quasi porcum volantem co:nspica:tus esset.

farmer.1.m.nom.sg astonished.1.m.nom.sg halt.3.perf.act.ind.3sg as.if pig.2.m.acc.sg fly.1.pres.part.acc.sg catch.sight.of.depon.subj.pluperf.3sg

'The astonished farmer halted as if he had seen a flying pig.'

35-2-11 merca:tor na:vem condu:csit, quae fru:mentum Ro:mam veheret.

merchant.3.m.nom.sg ship.3.f.acc.sg hire.3.per.act.ind.3sg which.f.nom.sg grain.2.n.acc.sg Rome.1.f.acc.sg carry.3.impf.act.sub.3sg

'The merchant hired a ship which would have carried the grain to Rome.'(35-2a)

35-2-12 ami:ci:iuveni: persua:e:runt ut impera:to:erum neca:re co:na:re:tur.

friend.1.m.nom.pl young man.3.m.dat.sg persuade.2.perf.act.ind.3pl in.order.that emperor.3.m.acc.sg kill.inf try.1.pass.subj.3sg

'Friends persuaded the young man to try to kill the emperor.'(35-2)

35-2-13 si: pompam specta:visse:tis, omne:s de:lecta:ti: esse:tis

if procession.1.acc.sg watch.1.plu.act.2pl all.acc.pl delight.1.plu.desp.subj.2pl

'If you had watched the procession, you (pl.) would have been completely delighted.' (35-2h, 24-2a)

35-2-14 valde: timebam ne: fra:ter meus a: iu:dice damna:re:tur

very.much fear.3.imperf.act.ind.1sg that.not brother.3.m.nom.sg my.2.m.nom.sg by judge.3.m.abl.sg condemn.1.imperf.pass.sub.3sg

'I was very much afraid that my brother would be condemned by the judge.' (35-2g)

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