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Chapters 29 and 30

29-7-1 in medio: caelo: Phoebus iam fervidus ardet.

in middle.of.n.abl sky.n.abl.sg Phoebus.Apollo now intense.m.nom.sg burn.2.pres.act.ind.3sg

'Now Phoebus Apollo is burning intensely in the middle of the sky.' (29-7)

29-7-2 et novus exiguo: tempore mu:rus erat.

and new.1.m.nom.sg demands.3.fut perf.ind. temporary ??? wall.1.nom.sg. be.irr.imp.act.ind.3.sg

The rapid building of rome's city wall demanded the new wall was to be temporary. (29-4-6)

29-7-3 no:n timet ingente:s iuvenis fortissimus unda:s.

not be afraid.2.ind.act.3sg. huge.3.m&f.gen. young man.3.m.acc.3sg. bravest. wave.1.f.acc.3pl.

'The courageous young sailor is not afraid of the huge wave.'

29-7-4 fessaque mocs calida: membra lava:bis aqua:.

tired.1,2.n.acc.pl soon hot.1,2.f.abl.sg limb.2.n.acc.pl wash.1.fut.act.ind.2sg water.1.f.abl.sg

'You (sg.) will soon wash the tired limb with hot water.' (29-6)

30-3-1 iuvenis taurum du:ce:bat, puella equum.

young.man.3.m.nom.sg bull.2.m.acc.sg lead.3.imperf.act.ind.3sg girl.1.f.nom.sg horse.2.m.acc.sg

'The young m an was leading a bull, and the girl was leading a horse.' (30-3b)

30-3-2 si: do:num Imera:to:ris recu:sa:bis, stultus eris; si: accipie:s, pru:de:ns.

if gift.2.n.acc.sg emperor.3.gen.sg refuse.1.fut.act.ind.2.sg foolish.1.m.nom.sg be.irr.act.ind.2.sg if accept.3.fut.act.ind.2.sg prudent.3.n.nom.sg

If you will refuse the gift of the Emperor, you will be foolish, if you accept, you will be prudent.(30-3a)

30-3-3 alii: pecu:niam, alii: glo:riam petunt.

some money.1.f.acc.sg. others glory.1.f.acc.sg. seek.3a.ind.act.3.pl.

'Some seek money, and others glory.'

30-3-4 haec est statua illi:us deae, quam Britanni: Su:lem, Ro:ma:ni: Minervam vocant.

this.f.nom.sg be.pres.irr.ind.3sg statue.1.f.nom.sg that.f.gen.sg goddess.1.f.gen.sg which.f.acc.sg Briton.2.m.nom.pl Sula.3.f.acc.sg Roman.2.m.nom.pl Minerva.1.f.acc.sg call.1.pres.act.ind.3pl

'This is a statue of the goddess which the Britons call Sula, and the Romans Minerva.

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