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Chapter 27

27-4-1 iuvene:s cla:mo:rem facie:bant.

young.man.3.nom.pl uproar.3.acc.sg make.3.imperf.act. ind.3pl

'The young men made an uproar' (27-2)

27-4-2 intra:vit senecs.

 enter.3.perf.act.ind.3sg old.man.3.m.nom.sg

 'The old man entered.' (27-1)

27-4-3 ma:ter fi:lio: do:num e:mit.

 mother.3.f.nom.sg son.2.m.dat.sg gift.2.n.acc.sg buy.3.perf.act.ind.3sg

 'The mother bought her son a gift.' (27-3a) [Note that vowel length determines whether this verb is present or perfect.--BWB]

27-4-4 ancilla:s iu:dex lauda:vit.

 slave-girl.1.acc.pl judge.3.nom.sg praise.1.perf.act.ind.3sg

 'The judge (has) praised the slave-girls/women.' (27-2c)

27-4-5 praemium dedit dominus coquo:.

 prize.2.n.acc.sg give.3.perf.act.ind.3g master.2.m.nom.sg cook.2.m.dat.sg

 'The master gave the prize to the cook.' (27-3c)

27-4-6 centurio:ne:s profici:sce:bantur.

 centurion.3.nom.pl.m set.out.2.imperf.pass.ind.3pl

 'Centurion used to be set out.' (27-b)

27-4-7 sena:to:ribus specta:to:re:s omnia na:rra:ve:runt.

 senator.3.m.dat.pl spectator.3.m.nom.pl everything tell.1.perf.act.ind.3pl

 'The spectators have told everything to the senators.' (27-3)

27-4-8 interfe:cit lupum Secstus.

 kill.3a.perf.act.ind.3sg wolf.2.m.acc.sg sixth

 'He killed the sixth wolf.' (27-5a) [why should Secstus be capitalized??--BWB]

27-5-1 ia:naum aperue:runt.

 door.acc.sg.f open.2.perf.act.ind.3pl

 'They opened the door.' (27-5a)

27-5-2 hospitibus vi:num offere:bam.

 guest.3.m.dat.pl wine.2.n.acc.sg offer.2.imperf.act.ind.1sg

'I was offering wine to the guests.' (27-5) 

27-5-3. na:vem reficie:ba:mus.

 ship.3.f.acc.sg repair.3a.imperf.act.ind.1pl

 'We were repairing the ship.' (27-5a)

27-5-4. deae co:nfi:de:bat.

 goddess.1.dat.sg trust.3.imperf.act.ind.3sg

 'S/He was trusting in the goddess.' (27-5)

27-5-5. patri: de:na:rio:s reddidi:.

 father.3.m.dat.sg coin.2.m.acc.pl give.back.perf.act.ind.1sg

 'I gave father the coins back.' (27-5)

27-5-6. capti:vi:s peperce:runt.

 prisoner.2.dat.pl spare.3.perf.act.ind.3pl

 'They spared the prisoners.' (27-5b)

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