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Chapters 21 and 22

21-8-1. facile erat sacerdo:tibus ve:rum cogno:scere.

easily to.be.impf.irr.ind.3sg priest.3.m.abl.pl truth.2.n.nom.sg find.out.3.inf

'Truth was easily found out by the priests.' (21-3)

21-8-2 no:n licet vo:bi:s in via: ludere.

not allowed.2.pres.act.ind.1.sg you.dat.pl in street.1.f.abl.sg play.3.pres.act.ind

'I can't allow you to play in the street.'(21-4)

21-8-3 no:li: me: tangere!

do.not me touch.inf

'Do not touch me!'

21-8-4 na:vem refiecere tandem potera:mus.

ship.3.f.acc.sg repair.3a.pres.act.inf at.last be.able.imperf.irr.ind.1pl

'At last we were able to repair the ship.'

21-8-5 centurio: audi:vit omne:s capti:vo:s effugisse.

centurion.3.m.nom.sg hear.4.perf.act.ind.3sg all.3.m.acc.pl prisoner.2.m.acc.pl escape.4.perf.act.inf

'The centurion heard that all the prisoners had escaped.' (21-7)

21-8-6. pecu:niam patri: reddere de:be:s.

money.1.f.acc.sg father.3.m.dat.sg give.back.3.inf should.2.pres.act.ind.2sg

'You should give the money back to father.' (21-1)

21-8-7 ducs epistulam satim scri:bi: iussit.

leader.3.m.nom.sg letter.1.f.acc.sg at.once write.3.pres.pass.inf order.3.perf.act.ind.3.sg

'The leader ordered a letter to be written at once.'(21-5)

21-8-8 specta:to:re:s i:ra:tissimi: erant. excla:ma:re; gladia:to:rem vitupera:re; etiam lapide:s iacere; to:tum amphithea:trum strepitu: comple:ri.

spectator.3.m.act.ind.nom.pl angry.m.dat.sg be.irr.imp.3pl shout.1.inf gladiator.3.m.act.ind.acc.sg curse.1.inf also stone.3.m.acc throw.3a.inf whole.2.acc.sg amphitheatre.2.n.act.ind.nom.1sg noise.4.m.acc fill.2.inf

The spectators were very angry. They shouted, cursed at the gladiators, even threw stones, and the amphitheater was filled with noise. (21-6)

22-2-1. merca:tor ami:co:s ad ce:nam invi:ta:vit quod diem na:ta:lem celebra:bat.

merchant.3.m.nom.sg friend.2.m.acc.pl to dinner.1.f.acc.sg invite.1.per.act.ind.3sg because birthday.2.m.acc.sg celebrate.1.impf.act.ind.3sg

'The merchant invited friends to dinner because he was celebrating his birthday.' (22-2)

21-2-2 iuvenis, simulac no:men suum audi:vit.

young.man.3.m.nom.sg as.soon.as name. his.own hear.4.perf.act.ind.3.sg rise.3.perf.act.ind.3.sg

'The young man, as soon as his own name was heard, rose.'(22-2)

22-2-4 tot vi:lla:s habeo: ut ea:s nu:mera:re no:n possim.

so.many villa.1.f.acc.pl. have.2.pres.act.ind.1sg so.that she.f.acc.pl count.1.pres.act.inf not be.able.pres.irr.subj.1sg.

'I have so many villas that I am not able to count them.'

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