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Chapter 20

20-9-1. statuae deo:rum, ex auro: factae, ad templum porta:bantur.

statue.1.f.nom.pl god.2.m.gen.pl of gold.2.n.abl.sg make.3a.perf.pass.part.f.nom.pl to temple.2.n.acc.sg carry.1.impf.pass.ind.3pl

'The statues of the gods made of gold were carried to the temple.' (20-5)

20-9-2. ponte de:le:to:, ne:mo: flu:men tra:nsi:re poterat.

bridge.3.m.abl.sg destroy.2.perf.pass.part.abl.absol.sg no one river.3.n.acc.sg to cross.irr.inf able.irr.imp.act.ind.2.sg

'With the bridge having been destroyed, no one was able to cross the river.'(20-7)

20-9-3 ecce! duo:s elephanto:s video: per viam pro:ce:dente:s.

look.imperative two.m.acc elephant.2.m.acc.pl se.3.pres.act.ind.1sg through.along.(+acc) proceed.3.pres.part.nom.pl

'Look! (I see)two elephantes walking along the street.' (20.1)

20-9-4 ducs, mi:lite:s horta:tus, pri:ncipia intra:vit.

leader.3.m.nom.sg soldier.3.m.acc.pl encourage.1.perf.part.dep.m.nom.sg headquarter.2.n.acc.pl enter.1.perf.act.ind.3sg

'The leader, having encouraged the soldiers, entered the headquarters.'(20-2)

20-9-5 poe:ta recitante fu:r pecu:niam specta:to:ribus aufere:bat.

poet.1.abl.m.sg recite.1.pres.part.abl.sg thief.3.nom.sg. money 1.acc.f.sg spectator.3.dat.m.pl. steal.3.imp.3sg.

'While the poet was reciting, the thief stole the spectators' money.'

20-9-6. puer, pugnantium cla:more perterritus, fu:git.

boy.2.m.nom.sg fight.1.pres.part.gen.pl uproar.3.m.abl.sg terrified.1.m.nom.sg run.away.3a.perf.act.ind.3sg

'The boy, terrified by the uproar of the fighting, ran away.' (20-1)

20-9-7. Ro:ma:ni: urbem captum incende:runt.

Romans.2.m.nom.pl city.3.f.acc.sg capture.3a.perf.pass.part.acc.sg burn.3.perf.act.ind.3.pl

'When the Romans captured the city they burned it.'(20-3)

20-9-8 Ro:ma:ni:, urbe capta:, valde: gaude:bant.

Romans.2.m.nom.pl city3.f.abl.sg take.3a.perf.pass.part.abl.sg very.much,very be.pleased.2.imperf.act.ind.3pl

'With the city having been taken, the Romans were very pleased.' (looked at 7.4 too)

20-9-9 senecs moritu:rus fi:lio:s ad se: voca:vit.

old man.3.m.nom.sg die.4.fut.part.dep.m.nom.sg son.2.m.acc.pl to

himself.m.acc.sg call.1.perf.act.ind.3sg 'The old man about to die called his sons to himself.' (20-4)

20-9-10 iuvenem hasta vulnera:tum ad medicum du:ximus

young.man.3.acc.m.sg. spear.1.nom.f.sg. wound/injure.1.supine to doctor.2.acc.sg lead.3.perf.1pl

'We led the young man wounded by the spear to the doctor.'

20-9-11. ami:co: ex I:talia: disce:ndenti: centum de:na:rio:s dedi:.

friend.2.m.dat.sg from Italy.1.f.abal.sg depart.3.pres.part.dat.sg a.hundred denarius.2.m.acc.pl give.3.per.act.ind.1sg

'I gave a hundred coins to my friend departing from Italy.' (20-1)

20-9-12. ab Impera:to:re ipso: lauda:ta, ri:sit.

from/by Emperor.3.abl.sg himself.m.abl.sg praise.1.perf.pass.part.abl.absol.sg smile.2.perf.act.ind.3.sg

'Having been praised by the Emperor himself, he smiled.'(20-7)

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