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Chapter 2

Query: What does SLG say about the usual order of these adjective-noun combinations? Where is this statement found in SLG? Shouldn't it be cited alongside a Chapter 2 citation? As I write this query on 1/25/97, it appears that the order of some of the combinations below should be corrected.--BWB

2-6-1. brave citizen in 'I gave a reward to the brave citizen.': forti: ci:vi: (3.m.dat.sg)

2-6-2. beautiful temples in 'The visitors admired the beautiful temples.': templa (2.n.acc.pl.) pulchra (1.n.acc.pl.) 5-1)

2-6-3. unhappy merchants in 'The unhappy merchants returned home.': miseri: merca:to:re:s (unhappy.1.m.nom.pl merchant.3.m.nom.pl)

2-6-4. fortunate boy in 'We listened to the words of the fortunate boy.': pueri: (2.m.gen.sg) fe:li:cis (3.m.gen.sg) (2-2)

2-6-5. huge shout in 'They were startled by a huge shout.': cla:mo:re ingenti: (3.m.abl.sg) (2-2)

2-6-6. good kings in 'The deeds of good kings are never forgotten.': bono:rum re:gum (1/3.m.dat.sg)

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