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Chapter 19

19-1-1 coti:die: pluit.

every.day rain.3.pres.act.ind.3sg

'It rains every day.' (19-1a)

19-1-2 semper oportet no:s fidem serva:re.

always must/is right that.2.imprs.pres.act.ind.3sg we/us faith.5.f.acc.sg serve.1.pres.act.inf

'It is always right for us to serve the faith. It is always right that we serve the faith.'19-1b)

19-1-3 patri: meo: libet prope mare habita:re.

father.3.m.dat.sg my.1,2.m.dat.sg be pleasing.2.pres.act.impers.3sg near sea.3.n.acc.sg live.1.pres.act inf

'It is pleasing to my father to live near the sea.''My father is glad to live near the sea.' [19-1d]

19-1-4 no:li:te intra:re! decet vo:s ecstra: ia:nuam mane:re.

do not.pl enter.1.pres.act.inf be proper.2.pres.act.impers/ind.3sg you.acc.pl outside door.1.f.acc.sg stay.2.pres.act.inf

'Don't (you all) enter! It is proper that you stay outside the door.''Don't (you all) enter! You ought to stay outside the door.'(19-1b)

19-1-5 re:gem cru:de:lita:tis no:n pudeba:t.

king 3.m.acc.sg cruelty 3.f.gen.sg not be ashamed 2.impf.act.ind.3sg

'The king was not ashamed of his cruelty.' (19-1c) OR 'It did not make the king ashamed of his cruelty.'

19-1-6 no:n licuit mihi vi:num bibere.

not is.allowed.2.perf.act.ind.3sg I.dat.sg wine.2.n.acc.sg drink.3.inf

'I am not allowed to drink wine.' (19-1d)

19-1-7 militibus placuit a: castri:s disce:dere.

soldier.3.m.dat.pl please.2.perf.act ind 3sg from camp.2.n.abl.pl leave.3.pres.act.inf

'It pleased the soldiers to leave camp.'(19-1d)

19-1-8 fu:rem sceleris iam paenitet.

thief.3.m.acc.sg crime.3.n.gen.sg now regret.2.pres.act.impers.3sg

'It now makes the thief regret for his crime.''The thief now regrets the crime.' [19-1c]

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