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Chapter 14

14-3-1 castra hostium

camp.2.n.nom.pl enemy.3.m.gen.pl

'camps of the enemies' (14-3a)

14-3-2 vir secsa:ginta: anno:rum

man.2.m.nom.sf sixty year.2.m.gen.pl

'sixty year old man' (14-3)

14-3-3 immemor peri:culi:

forgetful.gen danger.2.n.gen.sg

'the danger of forgetting'

14-3-4 satis pecu:niae

enough money.1.f.gen.sg

'enough money' (14-3)

14-4-1 iuvenis patri: aurum tra:didit.

young.man.3.m.nom.sg father.3.m.dat.sg gold.2.n.acc.sg


'The young man handed over the gold to his father.' (14-4a)

14-4-2 capti:vi:s parcere no:lo:.

prisoner.2.m.dat.pl spare.inf refuse.3.pres.act.ind.1sg

'I refuse to spare the prisoners.'(14-4)

14-4-3 ille centurio: mi:litibus odio: est.

that.pronoun centurion.3.m.nom.sg soldiers.3.m.dat.pl be hateful.pres.act.ind.3sg

'The centurion is hateful toward the soldiers.'

14-4-4 est mihi na:vis inge:ns.

be.irreg.pres.act.ind.3sg I.dat.sg ship.3.f.nom.sg huge.3.m,f.nom.sg

'I have a huge ship.'

14-4-5 ancilla hospitibus vi:num effunde:bat

slave-girl 1.f.nom.sg guest 3.m.dat.pl wine 2.n.acc.sg pour.out. 3.imperf.act.ind.3sg

'The slave-girl was pouring wine for the guests.' (14-4d)

14-4-6 medico: co:nfi:dimus.

doctor.2.m.dat.sg trust.3a.pres.act.ind.1pl

'We trust the doctor.' (14-4b)

14-4-7 latro: merca:to:ri de:na:rio:s e:ripuit.

robber.3.m.nom.sg merchant.3.m.dat.sg coin.2.m.acc.plsnatch away.3.perf.act.ind.3sg

'The robber snatched the coins away from the merchant.' (14-4)

14-4-8 templum no:bi:s aedificandum est.

temple.2.n.nom.sg for us.dat.pl build.1.gerundive.acc to be.pres.act.ind.3sg

'The temple is being built for us.' (7.F.13, 14.4)

14-6-1 servus, vulnere impedi:tus, currere no:n poterat.

slave.2.m.nom.sg wound.3.n.abl.sg delay.4.per.pass.participle.sg

run.3.infinitive not able.imp.3sg

'The slave, having been delayed by his wound, was not able to run.'(14-6a)

14-6-2 pictu:ram decem de:na:rii:s ve:ndidi:.

picture.1.f.acc.sg ten coin.2.m.abl.pl.sell.3.perf.act.ind.1sg

'I sold the picture for ten coins.' (14-6)

14-6-3 senex ingenti: corpore prope ia:nuam sta:bat.

old man.3.m.nom.sg huge.3.dat.sg body.3.n.abl.sg near door.1.f.acc.sg stand.1.imperf.act.3sg

'The old man with a huge body was standing near the door.'

14-6-4 secsto: die: nu:ntius ad vi:llam ve:nit.

sixth.1,2.m.abl.sg day.5.m.abl.sg messenger.2.m.nom.sg to villa.1.f.acc.sg come.4.perf.act.ind.3sg

'On the sixth day the messenger came to the villa.' (14-6d)

14-6-5 haec puella multo: callidior omnibus sororibus est.

this f.nom.sg girl 1.f.nom.sg much clever 1.f.comp.sg all 3.f.abl.pl sister 3.f.abl.pl. be irr.pre.act.ind.3sg

'This girl is much more clever than all of her sisters.'

14-6-6 Boudica: re:gi:na:, Britanni: rebellio:nem contra: Ro:ma:no:s fe:ce:runt.

Boudica.1.f.abl.sg queen.1.f.abl.sg [ablative absolute], Britons.2.m.nom.pl rebellion.3.f.acc.sg against Romans.2.m.acc.pl make.3a.perf.act.ind.3pl

'With Boudica as queen, the Britons rebelled against the Romans.' (14-6m)

14-6-7. to:tum templum flammi:s co:nsu:mptum.

whole.1.n.sg temple.2.n.nom.sg flame.1f.abl.pl consume.3.sup be.pres,act.ind.3sg

'The whole temple is a consumption of flames.' (14-6)

14-6-8 ami:cus noster summa: laude dignus erat.

friend.2.m.nom.sg our greatest praise.3.f.abl.sg worthy (+abl) be.imp.act.ind.3sg

'Our friend was worthy o the greatest praise.' (14-6)

14-6-9 te: duce, hoste:s facile vince:mus!

you.abl.sg leader.3.m.abl.sg enemy.3.m,f.acc.pl easily conquer.3.fut.act.ind.1pl

'With you as leader, we will conquer the enemies easily!' (14-6m)

14-6-10 Marcus, auxilio ami:co:rum u:sus, domum novam celeriter aedifica:vat.

Marcus prop. noun help 2.n.abl.sg friend 2.m.gen.pl. use depon.perf.3sg house 4.f.acc.sg new 1.f.acc.sg quickly build 1.perf.ind.act.3sg

'Marcus used the help of friends to quickly build a new home.'

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