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Chapter 12

12-4-1 accipe hanc pecu:niam!

accept.3a.imp.act.ind.sg this.f.acc.sg money.1.f.acc.sg

'Accept this money!' (12-1)

12-4-2 no:li:te currere!

do. not.imp.act.pl run.inf

'Don't run!'(12-2)

12-4-3 tace:te!

be quiet.2.act.imper.pl

'You [pl.] be quiet!'

12-4-4 cave: canem!

beware.2.imp.act.2sg dog.3.m.acc.sg

'Beware of the dog!' (7f-1)

12-4-5 no:li: fundum ve:ndere !

don't.sg farm.2.m.acc.sg. sell 3.inf.2sg

"Don't sell the farm !"

12-4-6 statim respondea:mus.

at.once reply.2.pres.act.sub.1pl

'Let us reply at once.' (12-3)

12-4-7 ne: in foro: pugne:mus.

that in market-place.2.n.gen.pl fight.1.pres.act.subj.1pl

'Let us not fight in the market place.'(12-3)

12-4-8 nu:ntius hodie: profici:sca:tur.

messenger.2.m.nom.sg today set out.3.pres.pass.subj.3sg

'Let the messenger set out today.'

12-4-9 loquere!


'Speak!' (12-1)

12-4-10 co:na:mini: !

try .1.imp.pass.pl

"(All of you) try !"

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