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Chapter 11

11-8-1. labo:rantne servi:?

work.1.pres.act.ind.3pl slave.2.m.nom.pl

'Do the slaves work?' (11-2)

11-8-2 i:nsa:nus es an scelestus?

crazy.1.m.nom.sg. be.nom.pres.2sg.or wicked.1.nom.sg.

'Are you crazy?' (11-3)

11-8-3 no:nne pueri: dormie:bant?

surely boy.2.m.gen.pl sleep.1.imperf.act.ind.3pl

'The boys were surely sleeping, weren't they?' (11-5)

11-8-4 quis te: seque:ba:tur?

who.m/f.nom.sg you.abl.2sg follow.1.imperf.pass.ind.3sg

'Who was following you?' (11-1)

11-8-5 epistulam meam acce:pistis?

letter.1.f.acc.sg my.f.acc.sg accept.3a.perf.act.ind.2pl

'Have you accepted my letter? (11-3)

11-8-6 quando: adve:nit nu:ntius?

when arrive.3a.per.act.ind.3sg messenger.2.m.nom.sg

'When did the messenger arrive?' (11-1)

11-8-7 utrum aquam an v:inum bibitis?

whether water.1.f.acc.sg or wine.2.n.acc.sg drink.3.pres.act.ind.2pl

'Do you drink water or wine?' (11-4)

11-8-8 num oppidum captum est?

surely city.2.n.dat.sg take.3a.gen(obl.)dat.1pl be.pres.3sg

'Surely we must not take the city?' (12-6, 26-2b)

11-8-9 cu:r illum librum legis?

why that.m.acc.sg book.2.m.acc.sg read.3.pres.act.ind.2sg

'Why do you (sg.) read that book? (11-1)

11-8-10 fugia:mus an resista:mus?

run.away.3a.pres.act.subj.1pl or resist.3.pres.act.subj.1pl

'Should we run away or resist?' (11-4, 11-7)

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