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Chapter 1

1-7-1. city in 'We soon entered the city.': urbi (3.dat.sg)

1-7-2. merchants in 'The governor provided a ship for the merchants.': merca:to:ribus (3.m.dat.pl.) (1-3)

1-7-3. girl in 'The mother of the girl lived nearby.': puellae (1.f.gen.sg) (1-1)

1-7-4. temples in 'The visitor was admiring the temples.': templa (2.acc.pl)

1-7-5. slave in 'Come here, slave!': serve (2.m.voc.sg)

1-7-6. lions in 'The lions were lying under a tree.': leones (3.nom.pl)

1-7-7. day in 'It was now the third hour of the day.': die:i (5.m.gen.sg.) (1-5)

1-7-8. boy in 'I handed the boy a wax tablet.': puero: (2.m.dat.sg) (1-2)

1-7-9. citizens' names in 'An attendant read out the citizens' names.': no:mina (3.n.acc.pl) ci:vium (3.m,f.gen.pl)

1-7-10 by the hand of the king in 'This letter was written by the hand of the king himself.': manu: (4.f.abl.sg) re:gis (3.m.gen.sg)


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