from a book manuscript, "Neurorealism: A Transformational Context for Existence bridging Brain and Mind, Science and Religion", by Bruce E. Morton, University of Hawaii School of Medicine, Honolulu, HI 96822†††††



††††† In general, hypnosis is the involuntary surrender of the control of oneself to another.Hypnosis is derived from reptilian dominance and submission behavior.There, the loser of the conflict surrendered and, in exchange for being allowed to live, agreed to become the winner's abject slave to do as commanded.That is, the Caretaker brain system of the loser gave control of its Dragon brain system to an outer authority-leader-winner that it believed to be more powerful than itself in order to solve a significant survival problem.As a result, all of the many powers of the brain core system's behavioral output are at the suggestion-command of that external authority.In some form, this important phenomenon occurs today in all humans at many points in their lives.

††††† Hypnosis first occurs when a very young child's Caretaker gives way to the direction of its parents, the prototype authority figures.Later hypnosis occurs when a student's Caretaker defers to the will of their teachers, and then to the knowledge of scientific, medical or other authorities.Hypnosis can also occur when one's Caretaker submits to peer leaders.The increase of dominance status which can be gained by emulating winners of higher status is what drives the fashion and advertising industries.Group dominance can also lead to the hypnosis of crowd hysteria.In hypnosis, the Id-Dragon believes everything the external authority says.In stage hypnosis, this trust is used to cause people to do outrageous things in public, such as taking on animal identities and desires.

††††† Hypnosis occurs when one Caretaker gives way to religious leaders.However, this is only possible if the subject believes them to be in communication with the God, the highest external authority figure. This hypnotic belief is used to cause the literal "faith healing" of many psychosomatic stress-related medical conditions.The twelve specific conditions which appear to be required for successful faith healing include, 1) the presence of an authority figure, 2) whose power is often reinforced by claims of connection with God, 3) a highly emotional atmosphere, 4) a state of helplessness on the part of the subject, 5) strong desire on the part of the subject, 6) faith and belief in the healing power of the authority figure by the subject, 7) a certain level of clarity on the part of the authority figure, 8) surrender by subject to the control of this external higher authority, 9) a strong command by the authority, 10) a clear visualization by the subject's Dragon of the healing which it expects to be produced, 11) belief that healing has occurred, and 12) acts of faith by the subject in the reality of that healing.

†††† To those believing in the supernatural, hypnotically delivered death curses have caused the Id-Dragon to literally kill itself, often through the stress of extreme terror.Hypnotic surrender of one's Ego-Caretaker to a god, as one understands it to be, can also cause powerful long-lasting conversion experiences, as in Alcoholics Anonymous, some fundamentalist religions, and certain totalitarian governments.Some conversion experiences are sometimes misunderstood to be exorcisms of the devil.Not to be ignored is the observation that television evangelists have abused hypnosis to raise billions of dollars for their own use.

†††† Hypnosis also occurs when one's Caretaker gives way to political and civic leaders.Although this phenomenon was grossly abused by Hitler and others, the trusting obedience of "righteous laws" is a foundation of society.Ultimately, the safest and most beneficial form of hypnosis is to give one's Dragon over to one's own, seemingly-external Source.It is the ultimate, trustworthy, higher authority.


Chapter 10 begins:


†††† What is the functional significance of hypnosis and the mechanism behind it?†† In general, hypnosis is the involuntary surrender of the control of oneself to another.Its origins are to be found in reptilian dominance-submission behavior.It can occur in certain circumstances when the Caretaker feels weak or ignorant, or at times when it has been overpowered and turns to external sources for strength, authoritative information, or guidance.Then, the Caretaker gives control of its reptile brain system-Id to an outer authority that is more powerful than itself, or to a leader that it trusts more than itself to solve the immediate problem.As a result, all the powers of the brain core-Id system behavioral output are at the suggestion-command of that authority.This important phenomenon occurs in all humans at many points in their lives.Stage hypnosis only differs from normal hypnosis in that control is knowingly given.



††††† Dominance hierarchies are formed between adult reptiles based upon size or aggressiveness.Fights to the death are only averted by the surrender and submission of the smaller or less aggressive individual to the domination, authority, and leadership of the larger more aggressive individual.Reptilian dominance-submissive behaviors have been inherited by all higher animals, including humans.Their use generally prevents battles to the death and allows the loser to survive.Submission behaviors include surrender of the looser to the winner and acts of obeisance acknowledging the winner is superior and the champion in the battle of life for survival.They implicitly include the willingness to be the slave of the winner in exchange for being allowed to live, the declaration of the winner as leader, deferral to the superiority of the winner, and the declaration that the winner's interests come first.

††††† The more dominant reptiles in a hierarchy have access to all food, territory, and breeding rights of subservient individuals below them.Further submission behaviors include obedience to the leader, following of the leader, support of the leader, loyalty to the leader (until they are dethroned), imitation of the leader, and even worship of the leader.Numerous illustrations of some of the above were seen in the televised behavior of Iraqi soldiers toward both Saddam Hussein and the U.S. military before and after the war in the gulf.



††††† In many species including humans, submissive behavior often automatically occurs between the very young and their parents.During certain critical periods of brain development, very young children willingly and totally accept the directive authority of their parents.This is appropriate because the child is helpless and needs assistance and protection, and the parents are relatively powerful, and usually supportive.At the same time, very young children totally believe any information supplied to them by their parents.This also is appropriate because the child is ignorant and needs working information.The parents have gathered much information, together with some understanding as to its meaning.Thus, there is direct assimilation by the child of parental (or TV) data into the child's primary memory both by imitation‑emulation, in response to instruction regarding how things are done, and in response to indoctrination of belief systems.

†††† This results in the early development of a Basic Operating System (BOS) knowledge framework and database.The BOS functions first as a primitive context-generator which continues to be used as a framework for later intellectual development.Second, it acts as a redundant emergency back-up system which takes over if the intellect collapses, due to injury or other conditions.The BOS contains early inner truth belief models based upon sequential approximations of external reality.These form the framework for the formation of the self-concept and other aspects of personality.It includes answers to central questions of existence, including:Where am I?(Is this a safe place, or a dangerous one?)†† Who are you?(Are you safe, or dangerous?)What can I do-control?(Many things?Nothing?)Who am I?(Am I OK?, not OK?, a victim?)How should people behave?How should things be done?Thus, the BOS has some elements in common with Freud's superego.

†††††† At around the age of 2-3 yrs, the child's consciousness center appears to move from the Brain Core System to the left hemisphere.This is consistent with observation that most adults cannot remember much before the age of three.As a result, the BOS which appears to be paleocerebellar in location, cannot be directly accessed or upgraded from normal adult left hemisphere consciousness.Clearly, the period when the BOS is being laid down, over the first three years of life is literally, the formative period of an individual's personality.Major psychosocial critical periods of brain development occur during the first three years (later chapter).Developmental arrests occurring during this time have a major impact upon one's personality formation, and as a result, upon what one does with the rest of one's life. (later chapters).Yet, the forgotten events of these exciting years cannot be inspected and upgraded under normal circumstances.The adult cannot recall whether their parents were available and kind, or absent and/or abusive.Yet these critical period elements profoundly affect their life's unfolding.

†††† New, more intellectual internal approximation of external reality begin to be formed after 3 years.However, this new world view is only advisory to the Caretaker.Our fundamental attitude set, life script, filters, basic reactions about self and others, continue to utilize BOS data, rather than that assembled later by the Intellect. If the data in the BOS is in error or markedly different from the left hemisphere's construct, conflict, shaping, or limitation results.For example, if the parent's behavior proves harmful and the child learns to distrust them, the child's ego will not give way to parental authority later.Then the child will become disobedient, reject parental values, and allow the peer group to replace their parents as leader.



†††† As child becomes older, transference of leadership from the parent to other authority figures, such as a teacher is possible.This can occur either at the direction of their parents who retain dominance over the tutor, or in spite of the parents who may be superseded by a more dominant, more educated authority.When these new authority figures are viewed as wise, powerful, successful, and trustworthy, the child's Id-Dragon brain is made available to external direction by, and informational input from that leader.Then they are able to learn from, and to emulate their teacher, who becomes their leader and role model, if such is lacking from their parents.However, if the instructor cannot obtain order in the classroom, they lack the key element required for reptilian dominance-based instruction.They are then superseded by more dominant peer leaders who are often teaching different, less desirable lessons.Obviously, this phenomenon has enormous significance to general education (later).Fortunately, there are other bases for learning (later) and some good educators as well.



††††† Later, if we believe that a noted scientist or physician is the highest authority on a given subject area, our ego will assimilate facts and viewpoints from such intellectuals.This is true whether we meet them in person, or whether we search out and read their words, even after their death.Information gained this way is called assimilative learning.It is accepted without question and believed, and is not the product of inductive or deductive reasoning.It is not checked by reasoning, and it may be in error.Assimilative learning can lead to short-cut reasoning, and stereotyping.

†††† For example, in a classical psychological experiment.†† It was found that college students believed the calculators supplied for the experiment over their own arithmetic, even though the calculators were secretly altered to compute erroneously.Another illustration of the defects of assimilative reasoning is found in the well-known story where the child cries out, "The Emperor has no clothes!"The serious limitation of assimilative learning was ultimately the source of the classic bumper sticker, "Question authority!"

†††† In contrast to assimilation, the process of reasoning employs very different information processing methods than the memorization and slavish imitation of authorities via assimilative learning.It includes making observations and recording data, and drawing a unifying conclusion.This is inductive reasoning, where one moves from the particular to the general.Then, applying this unifying conclusion to understand the new situation at hand requires deductive reasoning , where one moves from the general to the particular.These hemispheric deductions are part of the intelligence that led to human civilization.

†††††† Unfortunately, in a group setting there are several often unrecognized interferences that compete with the process of reasoning.For example, it can be difficult to reason properly in the presence of a person your Dragon accepts as more dominant.Then, one tends to accept the other's often-inferior authoritative conclusions without reasoning.It is also hard to reason properly if one is more dominant than the other participants.Then ones Dragon is tempted to overlook and reject the other's superior, well-reasoned conclusions in preference of its own inferior reasoning or assimilated truths.It is especially difficult to reason properly while in competition for dominance (committee democracy).To accept a superior idea from a competitor, or worse, from an underling, is often viewed as a loss in the battle for leadership of the group, and too rarely occurs.These problems can be avoided if one is a member of a group of committed, surrendered, and noncompeting team of participants voluntarily working for the solution of a common or higher cause, an uncommon situation.



†††† Whether or not parents are trustworthy, a child may be influenced strongly by peer group associations or gangs.There, the member rising to dominance becomes the leader.One's reptile brain-Id will automatically tend to follow and obey such an authority figure.Often in young adults, physical competition for dominance is set up in the form of wars, battles, contests, or games.The best individual or team of individuals is declared to be the winner, and given the highest status.In a broader sense, a winner in any realm can be viewed as an authority figure and often will be obeyed and emulated.In most, if not all species, including humans, male winners of battles can also breed essentially any female.That is, reproductive competition is the engine of evolution: producing survival of the fittest.With humans, female beauty contest winners can often select from among the most competitive of the males.

†††† Status is the dominance ranking one has within a group of competitors.Status is a reptile brain-Id property that can be established by winning in direct competition, or by intimidation via an emulative, threatening displays which convince others that you could win, or have already won.In humans, such displays have often centered around the male who has the biggest muscles, the biggest gun, the hottest car, the most beautiful, most adoring women, the finest house, the highest paying job, or membership in the most powerful group.As most of us sadly or happily find out upon entry into college or graduate school, the status we may have had in our former group appears to have little bearing to one's status in new unrelated groups.

†††† The nature and significance of fashion, trend setters, and "What's in", is that they profitably sell copies of equipment like that used by winner-authorities.This enables status seekers wishing to enhance their competitive dominance to use them as emulative displays, hopefully to command obedience from the Id-Dragon brain of those around them.This is the unconscious but powerful sales drive which makes the fashion world turn.Advertising exists in part because it plays upon the fact that the sale of products can be increased if they are associated with winners, such as male sports figures, female movie stars, models, or other beautiful or high status people, such as the rich and famous, or with various authorities who are presumed to be the most knowledgeable.If the ego defers control to these authority figures, the reptilian system will be more inclined to regard the suggestions of the commands of the advertiser or salesperson to buy their product.

†††† The last peer group to be considered is the crowd as it manifests itself in crowd behaviors, such as mass hysteria.When an individual Caretaker sees many others in a crowd whom it views as equal or superior, entering into a state of fright, anger, grief, or other emotions, it gives way to the authority of the crowd and imitates-joins-amplifies the behavior of the crowd.This is an almost overpowering response, not only in lynchings or human stampedes, but also in many other political situations.



††††† In the presence of an authoritarian leader and under the assurances of safety, the voluntary surrender by the suggestible can occur, even in a crowded room.The Caretaker is lulled into quiescence by suggestions of sleep, often associated with the horizontal eye saccades produced by tracking the monotonous swaying of a pendulum or other motions.These and other methods appear to dissociate the Ego-Caretaker from the here and now, much as a mantra in meditation does.The hypnotist then has access to the reptilian system output of the subject.False statements by the hypnotist will be accepted as true by the reptilian system, which believes everything."You are a dog in heat", results in a strangely authentic stage behavior.The command, "This is a red hot poker", followed by handing the subject a ball point pen, results in their dropping of the object with a scream.Later blistering of the fingers of highly suggestible subjects has been reported in early studies from Stanford University.



††††† One's view of the nature of the authority of God and his representatives on earth appears to be a very significant element in some forms of hypnosis.The western concepts of God, the Father, or Mary, the Mother of God, can be viewed as archetypes of our parents.They are seen to be more wise, powerful, and trustworthy than our own parents.Thus, they become the ultimate authority figures.Parents often unwittingly utilize this device to enhance their own authority.The Ego-Caretaker of those children who believe this will defer to the written or imagined Word of God, and their Id-Dragon will obey.Religious leaders, even more than "godly" parents, are the humans believed to be most in contact and knowledgeable about God.They are therefore also assumed to be very wise, powerful, and trustworthy.The Caretaker of those who believe this will also defer to a religious leader, and their Dragon will obey their directions.


Hypnosis and Faith Healing

††† It is said that 80% of illnesses are psychosomatic in origin.For example: a bleeding ulcer is physical and will kill us, yet it can be produced solely by psychological stress, often generated by currently neutral stimuli.Bleeding ulcers can also be produced in rats.If a rat is painlessly immobilized in a wire-mesh envelope and placed in the cold (a very survival-threatening condition), they will perforate a stomach ulcer within one hour.Thus, much illness is indeed brain-induced, probably by the stress-induced elevation of interleukin-1, serotonin, and corticotrophin releasing factor (later chapter).Therefore, it is only logical that when so directed the Id-Dragon can reverse some of these illnesses to bring about literal, demonstrable cures.

††††† Twelve specific conditions appear to be required for successful faith healing to occur.They include, 1) the presence of an authority figure, 2) whose power is often reinforced by claims of connection with God, or with the laws of the cosmos.Also required are, 3) a highly emotional atmosphere, 4) a state of helplessness on the part of the subject, 5) strong desire on the part of the subject, 6) faith and belief in the healing power of the authority figure by the subject, 7) a certain level of clarity on the part of the authority figure, 8) surrender by subject to the control of this external higher authority, 9) a strong command by the authority, 10) a clear visualization by the subject's Dragon of the healing it expects to be produced, 11) belief that healing has occurred, and 12) acts of faith by the subject assuming the reality of that healing.

†††† These twelve conditions are obviously related to many of those required for autosuggestion (preceding chapter).However, in autosuggestion the Caretaker defers to an inner Quadrimental brain authority, not an external authority.Thus, the many health alterations occurring during faith healing are strictly produced by the restorative powers of the subject's own disencumbered reptilian brain.There is no involvement with the supernatural.The only power the "healer" must be able to provide is the authoritarian and emotional environment needed for the subject to surrender control of their Dragon brain to the "healer's" commands.This can even be done from a distance, via normal communication.The reptile brain core system can do incredible things when properly directed.


Hypnosis and Death Curses

††††† The power of hypnosis upon the Id-Dragon is quite capable of causing death to the subject.In primitive societies there are credible reports of successful death curses.Rather than demonstrating the existence of the supernatural, or the mystical powers of the witch doctor or shaman, they are simply based upon the power of hypnotism upon brain and body.For a death curse to work, the following are required.First, the subject must believe that the authority-figure, witch, etc., has the supernatural power to kill by cursing.It is a pervasive tribal belief system that witch doctors are allied with supernatural entities.Second, there must be an authoritative delivery of the curse by the witch, often through the publicly delivered use of the "evil eye" or of other powerfully delivered magical incantations.This public delivery strikes a fearful response in those who see it.Third, crowd hysteria by believers further reinforces the creation of belief in the subject that causes the victim consequent terror.As a result, the Caretaker of the subject surrenders to the witch's dominance.The reptile brain core system of the subject believes and obeys the witch's curse and metabolically kills itself.

†††† As to the mechanism for death by cursing, the reptilian system makes the curse come true by terminating itself by any number of deviations from life-support homeostasis.However, it probably does so most commonly by overproduction of epinephrine-norepinephrine (later chapter) with the resulting terror-associated responses.Death from fright has been documented in a number of cases.For example, many air force pilots have had vital sign monitors in operation while flying.In one study, the heart of five separate pilots in terminal dives stopped beating before impact.It is known that excessive epinephrine secretion can also cause heart failure.

†††† There are several other examples of death due to suggestibility.These include the murders said to be perpetrated by a Latin American dictator who successfully killed people by firing a pistol loaded with blanks at them at close range.Another account is of a woman who was hospitalized in order to obtain a diagnosis for a heart problem.She was found to have the heart condition, tricuspid stenosis (TC), which is never life threatening.Yet, when all the interns, residents, and attending physicians shook their head and said "TC", she went into a rapid decline and died shortly thereafter.Although she was informed of the true meaning of TC, she wouldn't believe them.She was unalterably convinced that the term, TC, referred to "terminal condition".Lastly, an account of early medical practice in Africa where a large series of similar patients came before two western physicians working in the bush.At some point, they agreed that after examining a given patient they would randomly choose whether either to smile and say "No problem!", or to frown and shrug their shoulders and slowly say "He's a goner."In almost all cases, patients in the first category were well enough to leave by the next morning, while those in the second category were dead.


Hypnosis and religious conversion experiences

†††† As a background to the topic of religion conversion occurrences, consider the following.At some point in their lives, some people become powerless to control their Id-Dragon drives and Ego-Caretaker emotions.These drives and emotions induce upset, aggression, inappropriate sexuality, and other antisocial acts that destroy personal relationships.Exaggeration of reptilian drives can also cause the loss of appetite control and are the source of intense alcohol, drug, food, or other health-damaging addictions.

††††† This dyscontrol has been given the ancient explanation as Demon possession.It was early noted that sometimes "evil spirits" or "demons" could be exorcised by the invocation of the powers of a more powerful god.This required the activities of an exorcist authority figure who was clearly in communication with such a god.The victim whose life was out of control also was required to have great emotion, rock bottom desperation, and to surrender their Ego-Caretaker control of the Id-Dragon to the exorcist.The exorcist then commanded the demon to leave.As evidence of the success of exorcism, the victimís personality was usually remarkably converted.

††††† The underlying basis for this conversion was that, through the authority of the exorcist, the possessed person's Caretaker turns over control of the Dragon to direction by their Own Superego-neocerebellar Source.This results in the disappearance of selfish, immediate gratificatory behavior, and the appearance of selfless acts of deferred gratification of a most dramatic social nature.This new behavior could last indefinitely, or it might require new exorcisms, depending on a number of variables.Unfortunately, due to the recent drop of scientific literacy in many quarters, the belief of a personal devil is on the rise in the US.Consequently, the topic of exorcism is again coming to the fore.

†††††††† Until recently, although belief in Devil had diminished, many still believed in God.Conversion experiences and changes away from inappropriate behaviors could still be brought about solely by a belief in god.Here, a religious leader authority figure is needed who heals rather than exorcises.However, many broadly educated people no longer believe in either a supernatural Devil or God.Yet, they can still lose control of their lives in a destructive manner.Could methods be devised that can be used to replace Caretaker egotism with Source dominance to cause a beneficial conversion in the life of these nonbelievers?If so, how?(see later).


Hypnotism and TV evangelists

††† Religious-leader, authority-figures on television have caused their audiences to pour literally billions of dollars into the coffers of their organizations.Some of these organizations were later demonstrated to be financial shells through which a few popular evangelists received massive personal gain.Often these evangelists were found to live highly corrupt personal lives, including the exercise of breeding rights over many "mates".Some were placed in prison after having being found guilty of financial wrong-doing.

†††† This parasitic behavior is accounted for by hypnosis as follows:The TV evangelist claims to speak for God, the highest authority.He quotes from the Bible, "God's word" to create a form of logic that develops the need-demand for the subject to sacrifice money to the Holy cause.In their presentation, they also produce a highly emotional environment and create strong feelings in the subject by shouting, whispering, and crying.They insist upon surrender and obedience to God's will, especially as revealed personally to his evangelist representative.The Ego-Caretaker of the subject then surrenders control of their Id-Dragon to the evangelist.Then, the minister emotionally asks-demands money, promising many intangible rewards.Having given the evangelist control of their reptilian brain, the believers obey and send money again and again, in spite of negative publicity.



††††† Although there are other reasons to act cooperatively besides hypnosis, reptile brain dominance can direct group behavior. Thus, under most circumstances a leader can lead only if she/he is an authority and winner.Most humans defer to and obey leaders.Leaders can ask many things of us and we willingly comply.However, democratic society has become so complex that clear-cut winners do not often exist.For a leader to lead, the following hypnotic conditions must be created:They must be authority figures, the most wise, powerful, and trusted.We must desire their guidance and believe we are doomed without it.We must believe in and unite with the cause they are leading.They must demand unconditional authority.We (Executive Ego-Caretaker) must surrender (control of our Id-Dragon) to their domination.They must command obedience.They must demand specific actions.Then, the reptilian brain of their followers will accomplish it.

††††† In Nazi Germany, Hitler changed national financial collapse into world domination.He was a hypnotic authority figure.The people were desperate for help.He and his intimidating followers won power.He generated strong patriotic emotions.He created scapegoats to blame.He commanded complete, unquestioning obedience.Intelligent men willingly did terrible things, sincerely saying they were just following orders.They were hypnotized.Similarly, in Aztec Mexico, the warrior chiefs who won control demanded surrender or death of their fellows.This could explain why annually even their own subjects willingly became unrestrained human sacrifices to strengthen the Sun in its path so as to bring about the next year's bountiful harvest.

††††† In all civilized countries, there are laws to be obeyed.When we perceive them to be the product of the most wise, powerful, and trusted historic national leaders, our Caretaker surrenders to the law, and we willingly obey.If we perceive them to be the product of contradictory, weak, self-serving distrusted leaders, our Caretaker doesn't surrender to the authority of law and we break it.In dictatorships, people will obey laws they do not believe in, if the punishment is a reliably delivered death, or at least significant harm to one's survival.Brain damage can create a certain personality type with Id-Dragon dominance, something that is common in prison populations.These individuals will not, can not surrender to any authority, even if the death penalty is present, or even if they are members of an advanced democracy.These few people lack the capacity, until after the age of 30 when their delayed brain mylenation finally becomes complete, to be influenced by the sanctions of society that cause the rest of us act in the interests of the group.This requires that they be identified and treated with other appropriately designed measures so as to protect society until they become socially mature.

†††† Caretaker surrender of control of the Dragon brain to a higher authority is central to cooperative behavior.Besides external leaders, other possible higher authorities exist.These can be viewed to act:for the good of one's marriage,for the good of one's children or larger family, for the good of one's job, for the good of one's local association, city, state, country, for the good of the whales, the earth, or life itself.However, the best higher authority to follow is that of one's own Source which includes all of the above in its plan to optimize survival of the group in the wisest manner.



†††† The logical basis for dominance by the neocerebellar Source-Superego includes the following:First, the cerebellum has more neurons than all the rest of the brain combined.Because it is the site of memory, it has the largest database in the brain.Second, it is wiser. As the big picture context-generator of the herd-brain, it tends to produce a far-sighted social purpose and a wise plan.Third, because it can control all brain systems, it is stronger.However, this is only true if the Caretaker is not alarmed by actual immediate perceived survival threats that cause it to inhibit the Source.

†††† The sole demand made by the Source for leadership is that their Caretaker surrenders control of their Dragon to it.This is actually for the best.Because, without the Source's wisdom, they may die before their time.In fact, often our lives are already over by the time we reach our prime.We have risen to our level of incompetence.The rest of our life will only be more of the same suffering.Surrender by one's Ego-Caretaker under these circumstances could be viewed as a socially acceptable form of "suicide".Then, one dedicates the continuing activities of their still-able mind and body to the leadership of their Social brain-Source to be used for the good of the group, of life, and of the world.

††††† The automatic consequences resulting from surrender to oneís Source are that one's Dragon and Caretaker treats the Source with utmost reverence and respect.One is literally willing to be its slave in exchange for their life.One declares it to be superior to themselves and that it is their leader.They place their own Source's interests first, obey it, follow it, support it, are loyal to it, emulate-imitate it, and worship it as best of all.The beauty of all this is that oneís Source is the one thing in life that can actually be trusted by the Ego-Caretaker and Id-Dragon.It is a combined father, mother, teacher, wise person-shaman, and God.(See: Neurorealism: Transformational Context for Existence bridging Brain and Mind, Science and Religion)