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Conference on Multi-cultural Research (see also photos)

Diversity and the UHH Student Paper / “Mainland”-“Local” Interactions / Filipinos at UHH / Student Perception’s of Diversity at UHH / Faculty Perception’s of Diversity at UHH

Diversity and the UHH Student Paper

Students conducted a content analysis of a one year span Jan-December 2001, across four sections of the paper the front page, news, entertainment, and sports. They looked for key themes, types of articles, groups featured and whether coverage was positive or negative. They also conducted interviews with the editor and staff of the paper and twenty students.


“Mainland”-“Local” Interactions

This project involved conducting research and assisting with the production of a video that was funded by another SEED grant. The grant was awarded to Jim Mellon and Pat Clayburn-Williams in Student Support Services, for the production of a diversity training video. The video, Islands and Beaches: Crossing Cultural Landscapes, attempts to improve the communication among local students and transfer students, particularly transfer students from the continental United States. The content used in the film was selected from 35 interviews with local and transfer students, a focus group with students in a Hawaiian student support group called Kipuka, and from two feedback sessions where students offered their responses to the material on the video.


Filipinos at UHH

This research consisted of gathering information about the status of Filipinos. Students attended conferences, reviewed census data, and conducted interviews with Filipino students.


Student Perception’s of Diversity at UHH

Students interviewed students regarding their perceptions about diversity at UHH, and how well the university is achieving its mission to “provide an environment that is responsive to a diverse student population.”


Faculty Perception’s of Diversity at UHH

Students interviewed 24 faculty members about there perceptions of diversity at UHH, created and performed a skit to portray a compilation of the professor’s responses, and analyzed the process and results in their final papers.


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