First of all sorry for making such a boring page......

I am a PhD student from Pakistan studying here in the department  of Sociology. I am not yet sure what to put in this page, hence I have just modified my CV and pasted it as a start... I have a detailed profile on FaceBook but unfortunately that is accessible only to my friends. When I decided to come to Hawaii, I had many things on mind other than studies, like Hula, surfing, swimming etc.. I thought living in Hawai'i it would be so natural to learn Hula and Surfing.. But it has been almost three years already but I have not learnt anything close to hula or surfing... But I am still motivated, and perhaps in the next 2-3 years that I am hear I would be able to accomplish these other goals....

This is my family in Hawaii.... I am the one in orange dress!!!



2005-to date Doctorate in Sociology, University of Hawaii, USA

2002 Masters of Population Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

1996 Bachelor of Arts (Major: Sociology and Political science), Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan



August 2005-to date, Course Assistant in Sociology Department, University of Hawaii

August 2007-to date, Research Assistant in Women’s Center, University of Hawaii, working on Evaluation of “Bridge to Hope” Program

November 2006-May 2009, Planning Intern for East West Center, Hawaii, Wednesday Evening Seminar Series



November 2003 – present

Owner-Moderator of the Email-group ‘South Asian Reproductive and Sexual Health Forum’ ( 

July-August 2007

One month research Internship with TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive And Sexual Health), Delhi, India: analyzed their help-line dataset comprising about 50,000 calls for reproductive and sexual health problems; and prepared a briefing paper on the findings.



July 2004-July 2005, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, World Population Foundation, Pakistan Office, Islamabad

Dec 2002- June 2004, Program Officer, Population Council, Pakistan Office, Islamabad

Jan-Dec 2002 Sabbatical leave

Jan 1999 – Jan 2002, Chief Information Services, Population Council, Pakistan Office, Islamabad

May 1996 - Dec 1998, Dissemination Office, Population Council, Pakistan Office, Islamabad

August 1994-April 1996, Served in administrative positions, Population Council, Pakistan Office, Islamabad



East-West Center Degree Fellowship (2005-2009) for doctoral level studies from the University of Hawaii, USA

Australian Development Scholarship (2002) for Masters degree in Population Studies from Australian National University, Canberra

Won second prize in the poster competition of the Australian Population Association in the annual conference held from 1-4 October 2002, Sydney



2005 Sexuality and Rights Institute, Pune India, workshop on Sexuality & Rights

2004 NGO Resource Center, Karachi. Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation

2003 World Population Foundation, Islamabad. Workshop on Life Skills for Adolescents

2003 Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA. Summer Seminar on Research Methods in Reproductive Health

2001 Save the Children, Islamabad. Workshop on Positive Deviance

2001 Shirkat Gah, Lahore. Workshop on Reproductive Health, Gender Equity and Reproductive Rights

1997 East-West Center, Hawaii, USA. Workshop on Communicating Health and Research Findings to Policy Makers


LANGUAGES: Fluent in English and Urdu; working knowledge of Bangla and Punjabi.

PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS: Includes but is not limited to research and policy analysis in the fields of: IT, poverty reduction, young people, gender, and sexuality

HOBBIES: Reading, movies, yoga, cooking, travel, blogging

MEMBERSHIPS: Population Association of PakistanPakistan Society for Development Economists, Hawai'i Sociological Association, IUSSP, and PAA