Ling 640Y - Psycholinguistics

Next anticipated offering Spring 2018

  • Evidence from language for the nature of human cognition
  • Evidence from cognitive processes for the nature of language
  • Across languages, the investigation of:

  • Readings

  • Readings are available in electronic form through the UH libraries, or via Laulima / the instructor.

  • Next offering

  • Ling 640Y is normally offered once per year. The next offering is planned for Spring 2018. When possible, students are encouraged to take it in conjunction with Ling 632, Laboratory and Quantitative Research Methods, or Ling 640G: R & Statistics for Linguistics, but the courses can be taken in any order.

  • Instructor

    Prof. Amy Schafer
    Email: aschafer at hawaii dot edu
    Office: Moore 562
    Office phone: 956-3226

    Course description

    This course is a broad introduction to psycholinguistics, with emphasis on sentence processing by adults.  Areas covered will include speech perception, word recognition and production, lexical ambiguity, sentence comprehension, discourse processing, sentence production, and the role of memory in language processing. Participants will be expected to do weekly reading from a collection of articles and book chapters, present at least one article from the required reading list, and write a proposal for a research project.


    An advanced undergraduate or graduate-level introduction to syntax (e.g., Ling 422) and completion or concurrent enrollment in an advanced undergraduate or graduate-level introduction to phonology (e.g., Ling 421) or permission of the instructor.  You should be comfortable drawing phrase structure trees for common sentence types, such as VP- vs. NP-attachment of PPs and different types of relative clauses.  Most importantly, you should be prepared to read 2-3 journal articles every week and evaluate them critically.

    Associated research and teaching laboratories

    Language Analysis and Experimentation Labs (LAE Labs)

    Who is this course for?

    Graduate students in:

    Some useful links

    LBC experiments
    Open Science Framework
    Tromsų Repository of Language and Linguistics (TROLLing)

    Computer and A/V equipment: 

    Software for experiments: 

    Praat software (free; installed in the LAE Labs)
    E-Prime (installed in the LAE Labs)
    PsychoPy (free; installed in the LAE Labs)


    Praat software
    Indiana University online phonetics resources

    Word recognition, corpora:

    English Lexicon Project 
    French Lexicon Project
    Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
    Google N-Gram Viewer
    British National Corpus
    Age of Acquisition norms for English content words (as of Aug 2012: link to Excel file for norms; link to journal article about the norms)
    Affective ratings for English words and Dutch words
    Normed picture stimuli
    IRIS database of instruments used in bilingualism research
    WordNet (lexical database of English with sense relations)
    EsPal (Spanish, includes word frequency)
    The Language Goldmine (links to many databases and datasets)
    (lexical test for advanced learners of English; validation information)
    Lexical decision test (4-minute English vocabulary estimate)
    More lexical decision tests

    Image sets:

    Normed picture stimuli
    IRIS database of instruments used in bilingualism research
    Pictures of tools matched with other objects and non-objects
    Sebastiaan Mathot's list of image sets (and more)

    Dichotic listening: 

    Dichotic listening example 1 (by Russ Schuh, UCLA) 
    Dichotic listening example (by Peter Yuen, University of Queensland) 

    Searching for references: 

    GoogleScholar with UH login (for full-text accesss to subscribed journals)
    UH Manoa research tools and databases

    APA style guidelines:

    American Psychological Association (APA) style (and links for ordering manuals)
    Purdue Online Writing Lab info on APA style