Ling 412 - Psycholinguistics

Ling 412 was last offered SP14. The next offering is anticipated for Spring 2016 or Fall 2016.

Course description:

This course is a general introduction to psycholinguistics.  It covers areas such as speech perception, word recognition, lexical ambiguity, sentence comprehension, sentence production, language acquisition, and neurolinguistics.  We'll look at how language behavior illuminates our understanding of the mind and the brain, and how properties of the mind and brain influence human language.  You'll learn something about the nature of language, how it is used, how our language skills develop, and how they can be impaired. 

We'll cover topics like:

Students will conduct a small experiment, in which you will test hypotheses like these:

Prerequisites - One of the following:

Requirements it meets:


Traxler, Matthew J. (2011). Introduction to Psycholinguistics: Understanding Language Science.  Wiley-Blackwell.
Available at the campus bookstore (and elsewhere, including electronic chapters, and used copies).

Who is this course for?

Undergraduate students interested in:

Associated research and teaching laboratories:

Language Analysis and Experimentation Labs (LAE Labs)


Prof. Amy Schafer
Email: aschafer at hawaii dot edu
Office: Moore 562
Office phone: 956-3226

Extra credit links:

LBC experiments
Ling Dept Tuesday Seminar


Praat software
Vocal fold movie 
Pronunciation of IPA symbols: Click to hear
More pronunciation of IPA symbols
Vowels and Consonants - online material
Recordings of the same paragraph by multiple speakers, with IPA transcription 
Interactive mid-sagittal section 
X-ray of "Try not to annoy her"
Mid-sagittal speech videos
Sivu music video with mid-sagittal speech

Word recognition, corpora:

English Lexicon Project 
French Lexicon Project
Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
Google N-Gram Viewer
British National Corpus
Age of Acquisition norms for English content words (as of Aug 2012: link to Excel file for norms; link to journal article about the norms)
Affective ratings for English words and Dutch words
Normed picture stimuli
IRIS database of instruments used in bilingualism research
WordNet (lexical database of English with sense relations)
The Language Goldmine (links to many databases and datasets)
EsPal (Spanish database, includes word frequency)
Lexical decision test (4-minute English vocabulary estimate)
More lexical decision tests

Image sets:

Normed picture stimuli
IRIS database of instruments used in bilingualism research
Pictures of tools matched with other objects and non-objects

Language acquisition:

Dichotic listening: 

Dichotic listening example 1 (by Russ Schuh, UCLA) 

Searching for references: 

GoogleScholar with UH login (for full-text accesss to subscribed journals)
UH Manoa E-Resources and databases

Video/presentation resources: 

Comments form
Unlisted videos on YouTube
Oral communcation brochure
One-minute science briefs (with transcripts): 60-Second Mind  60-Second Science, Earth, Space, Health, Tech
Presentation practice rooms at the UH library

Style guidelines for the paper:

American Psychological Association (APA) style (and links for ordering manuals)
Purdue Online Writing Lab info on APA style

Writing resources:

Manoa Writing Program - Help for writers
Dartmouth writing materials

Computer and A/V equipment: 

Other material:

UH FileDrop
UH Student Conduct Code (Academic Honesty Policy)

Beyond this course:

Next offered:

The next offering is anticipated for Fall 2015.

What about graduate students interested in psycholinguistics?

See course Ling 640Y , or contact Professor Schafer. 

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