LIS 601 - Introduction to Reference & Information Services (syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Ruth Pagell
(Fall 2014)
Highlights: Reference interviews and resources, Libguide creation, annotated bibliographies

LIS 605 - Introduction to Cataloging and Classification (syllabus)
Instructor: donna Bair-Mundy
(Fall 2014)
Highlights: RDA, MARC, controlled vocabularies (LC subject headings, etc.), classification schemes (Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal)

LIS 610 - Foundations of the Information Professions (syllabus)
Instructor: donna Bair-Mundy
(Spring 2016)
Highlights: Overview of different types of library professions, insight into library standards and ethics, professional preparation (CV, portfolio, etc.)

LIS 612 - History of Books & Libraries (syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Knuth
(Spring 2014)
Highlights: Understanding of the development of the library and the history of the book and its role in society

LIS 650 - Management of Libraries & Information Centers (syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Rich Gazan
(Fall 2015)
Highlights: Involvement in the Rapid Prototype Project, which resulted in a full proposal for a mobile library intended to serve the homeless community of West Oahu

LIS 663 - Basic Database Searching (syllabus)
Professor: Dr.Peter Jacso
Highlights: In-depth database searches, with especial focus on databases found on EBSCO, ProQuest, ERIC and Gayle platforms
(Spring 2015)

LIS 690 - Library Internship Program (syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Noriko Asato
Internship location: Sinclair Music Library
Supervisor: Peter Shirts, Music and Audiovisual Librarian,
(Spring 2016)
Highlights: Serial and new book processing; metadata entry into the Hawaiian Music Database; displays, creation of a streaming music lib guide; practice ordering replacement scores for lost items in collection

LIS 694 - Planning and Developing Digital Library Instruction (syllabus)
Instructors: Dr. Violet Harada and Dr. Michael-Brian Ogawa
(Summer 2014)
Highlights: Creation of a Compendex database tutorial

LIS 699 - Directed Reading
Instructor: Dr. Rich Gazan
(Spring 2016)
Highlights: Developed a written thesis proposal, assembled thesis committee, and completed IRB exempt application for Human Studies

ANTHR 711 - Seminar in Research Design and Proposal Writing (syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Padwe
(Spring 2015)
Highlights: Survey of various research methodologies and theories; peer-reviews and feedback on proposal drafts

MUS 661 - Bibliography & Library Resources
Instructor: Peter Shirts, MLIS
(Fall 2015)
Highlights: Practical use of library resources (databases, reference resources, websites, etc.); annotated bibliographies; deeper understanding of various research methodologies with especial focus on music practices.

LIS 694 - Informatics and Website Design(syllabus)
Instructor: Dr. Brian Richardson
(Summer 2016) Highlights: Learning SQL/PHP programming/website construction; website and information design; content management; understanding of informatics, user experience testing, and usability studies

Current & Future Coursework

LIS 690 - Library Internship Program
Instructor: Dr. Noriko Asato
Internship location: Desktop Network Services at Hamilton Library
Supervisor: Beth Tillinghast, Librarian
(Fall 2016)

LIS 615 - Collection Management
Instructor: Dr. Vanessa Irvin
(Fall 2016)

LIS 700 - Thesis Research
Instructor: Dr. Rich Gazan
(Summer,Fall 2016 - Spring 2017)