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We are seeking sources of funding

Ahahui O Hawai'i is seeking additional and alternative sources of funding. If you or your organization is interested, please contact us.

A Track Record Headed For Social Change
'Ahahui O Hawai'i's Native Hawaiian Recruitment effort has proven to be a success in its initial "run." We believe that with more Native Hawaiian law students the number of Native Hawaiian attorneys, judges, court clerks, business leaders and law & policy makers will increase. Increasing the number of legally educated Native Hawaiians in Hawai'i provides more opportunities for social change and the preservation of Native Hawaiian rights and entitlements.

A Need For Academic & Financial Support
Our program also provides support to Native Hawaiians after they have been accepted into law school. In our first semester of offering tutoring, one of our Native Hawaiian students, Sarah Wong, who attended the Real Property law tutorial consistently, earned the highest grade in that course. Sarah attributed her success to the tutorial offered by our program. We are currently planning to expand our supportive services to include purchasing costly law school textbooks. Law school textbooks can often cost a student up to $600 - $700 per semester. We hope to reduce those costs for our Native Hawaiian law students by providing textbooks to them on a loan basis that can also be used by future Native Hawaiians.

A Commitment To Development
The Hui is currently developing other programs and events for the upcoming academic year that will undoubtedly require support.

If you or your organization is interested, please contact us. We greatly appreciate your kōkua.