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James Paul Adamson

Head of Systems, University of Hawaii


Head of Systems - University of Hawaii

The Systems Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of online indexes and databases within the library management information system (LMIS). The member institutional network libraries is currently composed of: The University of Hawaii Statewide System including all its community college libraries, Bishop Museum, Hawaii Medical Library, and the State Archives of Hawaii.

Duties Include:

* Supervise the work of Systems department faculty and staff (3 seperate unions)

* Provide recommendations to the University Librarian and other site organizational directors

* Evaluate the delivery of automated library and information systems

* Coordianate information technology initiatives, software development and technical support

* Plan, advance, and assist in the installation of World Wide Web based services.

* Maintain both internal and external communications which include:

  • University of Hawaii Officials
  • University of Hawaii Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Other State organizations
  • Library Vendors

* Manage and implement system and state-wide technology projects in relation to the LMIS


  • twice successfully performed migration of state-wide systems
  • state-wide system y2k project success (1 and half days of down time)
  • maintained technical staff with one turnover in 5 years
  • previous LMIS down only 3 days over a 10 year period


Hardware and Software Certifications

  • ORACLE 8 DBA Certifications (Redwood Shores, CA)
  • Sun Microsystems Enterprise Servers Certifications (Milpitas, CA)
  • SOLARIS System Administration Certifications (Milpitas, CA)
  • C and C++ Certifications (Milpitas, CA) (Los Angeles, CA)
  • JAVA 2 Certification (Dallas, TX)
  • Sun Microsystems Fault Analysis Certification (Honolulu, HI)
  • Tandem/COMPAQ NonStop Computer Administration Certifications (Cupertino, CA)
  • Tandem Application Language (TAL I, II) Certifications (Cupertino, CA)

University of Hawaii at Manoa- Master of Library and Information Studies - Emphasis in System Administration

University of Alaska, Anchorage- B.Sc. Computer Scinece Minor: Business Administration

University of Alaska, Anchorage - Computer Information Systems (Software Development, Systems Design & Analysis)


Hawaii Java Users Group (HJUG)

Editor, Hawaii Library Association Journal

Chapter Editors, American Library Association

Association of Computing Machinery


American Red Cross

  • Disaster Response Team

Manoa Valley Theatre

Community Organization Web Development Assistance


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  • The Magic of Giving - June 1991 Volume 42

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