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Director of Student Relations

Hok "Henry" Hui


Hello Accounting Club! My name is Henry Hui, and I am running for position Director of Student Relations. I am a senior majoring in Accounting. This is my third semester in the Accounting Club and it has been an awesome experience! The reason that I run for board is the people. Accounting Club is such a large club that I get to meet a lot of new people and bond with them. I enjoy being around with them as they are cool, easy to talk to, and are always willing to help and give you advises if you ever need them.

Being a part of the Accounting Club, I also learned a lot and grew both personally and professional through different types of events, such as PIs and Super Clubs Day. Accounting Club helps me to develop and become a well-rounded person. With that being said, I want to give back to the club and make joining Accounting Club the best experience for everyone! I believe that I will do a good job in this position as I am creative and I am easy to get along with! My goal is to make every social event a platform for members to bond and have fun together. I also want to make everyone feels that he/she is part of this big family, as that’s how I feel.

In next semester, I will take 5 classes and work approximately 1 or 2 days per week. I have good time-management skill and my schedule in next semester will be flexible enough for me to fulfill the responsibilities as a board member. With my eagerness, availability, ability and personality, I believe I am a great candidate for Director of Student Relations! Please vote for me and I will try my best to add value to the club if I am elected!

Royce Yamamoto


Hi Accounting Club! My name is Royce Yamamoto and I am running for the Executive Board position of Student Relations. I am currently a sophomore that is majoring in Pre-Business, as I will declare my major as Accounting in my junior year. This is my first semester in Accounting club and will be looking forward to more semesters in the club. I believe that through this semester, the events that I have attended, and the people that I have met through accounting club, I will be able to run for an Executive Board position for the fall.

Next semester I will be taking around 14-17 credits. These classes will be also added on with a part-time job also. In past semesters, I have taken 15 credits with two part time jobs so I feel that my schedule won’t be as packed this upcoming semester. With a more flexible schedule, I will be able to put a lot of time into the Executive Board position and also into meeting each and every one of you individually better.

I would like to thank you guys for reading and hope to see each of you around accounting club in the weeks and semesters to come!