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Director of Student Relations

Jason Au


Hey Accounting Club! My name is Jason Au, and I am running for the position of Director of Student Relations. I am currently a sophomore, majoring in accounting and this is my first semester in Accounting Club. Although I may be a new member, I’ve shown dedication to the club by getting active status my first semester in. I am dedicated to the club and hope to experience personal growth with all of you. I am confident that I am capable of overseeing our club as an Executive Board member.

What I may lack in EB experience, I make up for with having work experience, like working at Kilauea District Park. Working at the park allowed me to coordinate various events such as setting up basketball leagues, baseball leagues, and conferences. Although I may not have experience in coordinating Accounting Club social events, I do have the confidence in my abilities that I will perform at the level that is expected from the Director of Student Relations.

Next semester, I will be taking 15 - 16 credits with ACC 202, BUS 310, BUS LAW 200 and my other prerequisite courses. I was a biology major my first year at UH Manoa and took at least 15 credits per semester. I have accumulated credit doing running start and taking AP courses in high school so I have some leeway in terms of how many classes I will take during the semester; allowing me to focus on the club. If given the opportunity, I will do my very best as your Director of Student Relations. I humbly thank you all for your consideration.

Eric Fukuhara


Hello everyone, my name is Eric Fukuhara and I am running to be your next director of student relations. Currently a senior, next semester will be my last semester in the Accounting Club where I have been an active member for 3 semesters and on board for 1 semester. Throughout my time in the club I have seen many generations of executive board members and their unique approaches to their positions. Serving on the executive board this semester, I have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be on the executive board for the largest club in Shidler. I know how the club works and what the members expect to see; with my dedication to the club and my experience, I am confident that I will be capable of creating a fun and friendly environment for our members to network with their peers and become one cohesive team.

As your IBC Senator I have attended meetings with the 10 other clubs throughout the semester to communicate our club’s position on various topics. I have met the board members from the other clubs and have seen how they approach their tasks.

As the IBC Senator for the accounting club, I have also had the opportunity to coordinate students’ night, a large networking event that brought accounting students statewide together in order to increase their social network. I believe that my experience interacting with members of the 10 other Shidler clubs as well as my time on our clubs executive board has helped prepare me to be a candidate for the Director of Student Relations for the accounting club.

Henry Hui


Hello Accounting Club! My name is Henry Hui, and I am running for position Director of Student Relations. I am a senior majoring in Accounting. This is my second semester in the Accounting Club and it has been an awesome experience! The reason that I run for board is the people. Accounting Club is such a large club that I get to meet a lot of new people and bond with them. I enjoy being around with them as they are cool, easy to talk to, and are always willing to help and give you advises if you ever need them.

Being a part of the Accounting Club, I also learned a lot and grew both personally and professional through different types of events, such as PIs and Super Clubs Day. Accounting Club helps me to develop and become a well-rounded person. With that being said, I want to give back to the club and make joining Accounting Club the best experience for everyone! I believe that I will do a good job in this position as I am creative and I am easy to get along with! My goal is to make every social event a platform for members to bond and have fun together. I also want to make everyone feels that he/she is part of this big family, as that’s how I feel.

In next semester, I will take 5 classes and work approximately 1 or 2 days per week. In my previous semesters, I managed to take 6 classes, work a part-time job and be active in 2 clubs. I have good time-management skill and my schedule in next semester will be flexible enough for me to fulfill the responsibilities as a board member. With my eagerness, availability, ability and personality, I believe I am a great candidate for Director of Student Relations! Please vote for me and I will try my best to add value to the club if I am elected!