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Ivonne Lee


Hello Accounting Club!

My name is Ivonne Lee and I am running to be your Secretary for the oncoming Fall 2014 Semester. I am currently a Junior at the Shidler College of Business and I plan on taking 15 credits next semester, which is the same amount as this semester. I have also been the Director of Internal Affairs this past semester, which I believe has given me the experience in order to be on Board again.

I believe that Accounting Club actually tries to help its members, and I would like to continue helping members next semester as well. I have learned a lot this semester, and I hope to use what knowledge I've gained in order to help members next year. I would like to ask you for your support for the oncoming semester to be your Secretary.

Next semester I will be taking four classes, as well as working a part time on campus job. I have reduced my course load by one class, which will allow me to attend to my secretary and board member duties, as well as keep a balanced lifestyle. With my dedication to Accounting Club and its members, I believe I am a qualified candidate for the Secretary position.