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Director of Public Relations

YeeYan Lim


Hello AC! :) If we haven’t met yet, my name is YeeYan and I’m running for the Director of Public Relations. I am currently a freshmen majoring in Accounting and this is my second semester in Accounting Club. Even though I am only a freshman, I believe my past leadership experience and dedication qualifies me for the position.

In high school, I was actively involved in Leo Club and also served as Secretary and Vice-President. Leo Club was one of the biggest clubs in my high school, which consists of more than 50 active members every year. Working in a position for the club gave me the opportunity to organize many community service events throughout the years, including monthly beach cleanup, annual Thanksgiving Dinner with the Salvation Army and quarterly socials. During this semester, I was able to talk with the current Director of Public Relations about the position’s duties and responsibilities. I have also attended most of the community service events, so I was able to witness firsthand on what this position entails. From my past and current community service experiences, I realize the importance of giving back to the community and if elected, I would like to promote this idea to other members and hopefully, they can also realize importance of community service.

Next semester, I will be taking 16 credits as well as working an on-campus job. Nevertheless, I do understand the responsibilities and time commitments required for this position. I believe that I will be able to successfully plan and complete each community service events and will gladly assist the other executive board members if needed. From the past community service experience and my dedication to Accounting Club, I believe I can be a competent Director of Public Relations.