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Director of Internal Affairs

Adrienne Lam


Aloha Accounting Club! My name is Adrienne Lam and I am a senior studying towards a BBA in accounting and a minor in Chinese. Currently, I am standing for Director of Internal Affairs. If elected, I would exercise my efficiency and responsibility as a leader.

My current responsibilities include being a full-time student and a supervisor at Papaya Clothing. I practice my leadership skills by keeping track of the cash registers, supporting my fellow coworkers, and assisting customers. As Director of Internal Affairs, I will be able to efficiently keep track of the fundraising for the organization. To add, I am to utilize my car to serve as the general meeting nutrition specialist.

Next semester, I will be leaving my position at Papaya Clothing and I will be taking twelve credits; therefore, I am able to dedicate my time and attention to accounting club. It would be my utmost pleasure to serve Accounting Club and all of its members.