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Director of Internal Affairs

Andrew Tam


Hello! My name is Andrew Tam, and I am running for the Director of Internal Affairs position. I am a sophomore right now majoring in Accounting. After this semester, it will be my third semester in Accounting Club. After being in the club for three semesters, I have gotten to know a lot of people and have seen how the club works. I am confident that I can fulfill the duties that are required and more.

Currently, I am on a Board of Directors as Treasurer for Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii. With this experience in working as a team and the skills I required working with them, I can translate it into the Director of Internal Affairs position.

Next semester will be my first semester in Shidler, so I will be taking 17 credits. I have a part-time job on campus, so I feel that my schedule will be flexible enough to be able to dedicate my time to the club.

Kyle Watanabe


Hey AC! My name is Kyle Watanabe and I’m running for the Director of Internal Affairs. I am currently a senior majoring in Accounting.

The IA Director has many responsibilities that I believe I am more than capable of fulfilling. One of the responsibilities of the Director of IA is Car Wash, which I’ve attended 3 times. This makes me familiar with the planning and execution of a successful Car Wash. Secondly, I am responsible and organized so I will be able to accurately input monetary funds as well as motivate members to surpass their fundraising quota.

I am qualified for this position because of my experience on board last semester as the Director of Student Relations. Last semester has shown me how much hard work and time it takes to plan the various events and keep the club running smoothly and I believe that I have demonstrated my dedication and love for the club. I am proud to have been an EB member and I hope I can continue to give back to the club and its members as the Director of IA.