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Director of Information Systems

Yi Xiang Lim


Hi there Accounting Club, if we have not met yet, my name is Yi Xiang Lim, and I am running to be your next Director of Information Systems. I am currently a junior majoring in Accounting and Finance. I have been in the club for five semesters. I was part of the executive board two semesters agao. Being the Director of Human Resources, gave me a lot of chances to learn more about the club and serve you. I believe that the experiences I have gathered will benefit the club in many ways if I am on the executive board again.

As the Director of Human Resources, I was in charge of recruitment week, active status, and Aloha Banquet. Having all these duties was a great learning experience for me. I learned more about the club and members, and ways to make the club better for our members. As I see our members grow and learn, I became even more enthusiastic about AC. Therefore, I want to be on board again to help the club in any way I can. I believe that with my knowledge of information systems, I can spread the word of our club using technology.

Next semester, I am planning to take 12 credits consisting of 1 accounting class and 3 finance classes. For the past five semesters I have been in college, I took 16 credits every semester while working part time job, therefore it will not be something new to me. As of right now, I am jobless. In conclusion, my flexible schedule, skills and dedication to the club makes me a well prepared candidate for the Director of Information Systems.