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IBC Senator

Jacob Baysa


Hello AC! My name is Jacob Baysa and I am running for the Inter Business Council Senator position. This Spring marks my second semester in the Accounting Club. I first made active status last semester and this semester I am on track to do the same. In AC, I have learned about the accounting industry through the professional development aspect of the club. Also, I have been introduced to many great people with a passion towards the club and towards themselves. I feel the drive to step up as a leader and continue the great experiences I’ve had in AC in the semesters to come as a member of the Executive Board.

The reason why I’m choosing to run specifically for the IBC Senator position is because I am a great candidate to represent the Accounting Club at IBC. My dedication to the club has helped me to understand the club and what members expect out of its leaders. As IBC Senator, I am fully prepared to be a representative at IBC meetings and help assist with the duties as an Executive Board member. I am already more than happy to work together with my fellow AC members and am looking forward to doing more for the club as a whole.

In the upcoming Fall 2015 semester, I will be balancing a 15 credit class schedule and a part-time job at the UH Foundation Fiscal Office. My classes and job are manageable and flexible enough to confidently fit in an EB position. The 15 credits I will be taken care of smoothly as I am a hard working student dedicated to holding myself to a high standard. Since my part-time job is on campus, I will always be nearby and ready to fulfill my responsibilities. Also, my hours are extremely flexible to the point that I can create my own hours on a weekly basis. Altogether, I feel confident as a candidate for the IBC Senator position and will do my best to serve the club and its members to the best of my abilities.

Amber Ching


Hi AC! My name is Amber Ching, and I am running to be your next IBC Senator. Next semester I'll be a senior, studying Travel Industry Management and Human Resource Management, while also trying to obtain a certificate in French. I have been in the Accounting Club for six consecutive semesters, and I am confident that my experiences as an active member and a previous board member will allow me to be successful as the IBC Senator.

In fall 2013, I held the position of the club's Director of Human Resources. I helped to recruit members from a variety or majors and encouraged them to achieve active status within the club. I also managed an Aloha Banquet committee to plan that semester's banquet where we celebrated the accomplishments of 92 active members. Currently, I am interning at Love Letter Weddings, LLC and I have had the opportunity to assist in planning several large events. I know that the professional networking and event planning skills I have learned through my previous board position and current internship will be useful when planning Student's Night with the Hawaii Association of Public Accountants as well as Super Club's day.

Next semester I will be taking a mix of TIM and BUS courses, totaling 15 credits. I will also be working part-time on campus and interning. My plate may seem full, but I am fortunate enough to have bosses that are extremely flexible with my hours which allows me to balance everything out. With all that said, I believe I am the best candidate for IBC Senator, and I am willing to go above and beyond my necessary duties for the benefit of the club. Thank you!

Michelle Tellio


Hello Accounting Club! My name is Michelle Tellio and I am running for the Inter- Business Council Senator Position. I am currently a sophomore planning on majoring in Accounting. This is my first semester in Accounting Club, but I have gone to many events and have already met active status. During my time in the club, I have enjoyed and gained so much knowledge about the club, professional interactions, and networking. I have been able to grow personally and professionally with all the endeavors that I have taken on and would like to help members have amazing experiences in the semester to come.

Prior to being in Accounting Club, I’ve held many leadership roles in high school and at work. I’ve worked at American Eagle Outfitters for a year and a half and was in charge of projects to help recreate the store and teach new employees how to build their walls efficiently and safely while also doing my own projects. I’ve also held 5 leadership positions in clubs and organizations during my junior and senior year in high school. I familiarized myself with time management, organization, dedication, and teamwork which helped me balance all of my responsibilities and run successful clubs events for all of them. With all of these skills, I will be prepared take on all of the challenges and time that the IBC Senator position entails and make next semester a great one.

In the fall, I will have an on campus job, so I will have a very flexible work schedule that can work around the club. I will also be taking 18 credits which I have managed before with a 20 to 30 hour work week. I understand the importance of being on Board and with that, I want to maintain the great reputation that Accounting Club has held for many years as your IBC Senator.

Zachary Loo


Hello Accounting Club. My name is Zach Loo, and I am running for the position of IBC Senator. I am currently a junior majoring in Accounting. This is my second semester in the club and I’m really enjoying it now. At first, I was really apprehensive about the club, but now I actually like going to events. By getting closer to more members, and making more friends, I really want to be in a position to help the club.

I don’t know how many times my mentor, Kyle, talked to me about being on board, but his talks actually got to me. He stressed that I would gain valuable leadership experience, get to know more members, and get to know the club better. I want all of these things and more. I want to be more involved, help, grow, and enjoy.

Recently, I switched jobs to a campus job, so I have a lot more free time now. I’ve always been pretty good at school, so classes won’t be a problem. I also joined another club this semester, and it made me like AC more. I really want this position, and I really do think that I am the best person for the job. Hopefully you guys can see me as the next IBC Senator.