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Director Human Resources

Tori Tokunaga


Hello Accounting Club! My name is Tori Tokunaga and I am running for the position of Director of Human Resources for Spring 2015. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore majoring in Accounting with a minor in English. Although this is my first semester in Accounting Club, I have learned a great deal about the business world and have seen remarkable personal growth over this time. I am proud to say that I am a member of this outstanding club made up of exceptionally bright, determined individuals.

Hard work, organization, leadership experience, and the willingness to collaborate are essential in an executive board member. I believe I would be able to bring these skills to the board along with many other assets. I currently work part-time jobs that give me experience in communicating with outside vendors and dealing with various personalities, which are also important for the position. In order to manage school and work, I believe I possess great organization abilities I can also apply to my tasks in Accounting Club. I have a flexible schedule and am willing to dedicate my extra time to the club.

By being a part of the Accounting Club, I have been able to attend various workshops, enhance my networking abilities, and interact with professionals. If I had not decided to join, I would never have been able to experience these incredible opportunities. If elected as the Director of Human Resources, I would joyfully take my experiences to the student body to share all of the wonderful possibilities our club has to offer.