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Director Human Resources

Suzanne Pak


Hey AC! My name is Suzanne Pak and I'm running to become your next Director of Human Resources. I am a senior majoring in Accounting, and I am also currently serving as the Director of Student Recruitment for IBC's Business Night. I believe that serving on this committee, along with my previous leadership roles, has given me the skills and experience necessary to serve on AC's board.

As part of the Business Night committee, I have to collaborate with several students of different backgrounds to put on a high-quality professional event. From this experience, I do believe that I have improved my interpersonal and collaborative skills, as I've worked with the committee to recruit students for the event. I also have to manage student record data and plan out the details of Business Night, which has allowed me to develop my organizational skills and strengthen my ability to focus on the task at hand to accomplish a greater goal. I believe that my role on the Business Night committee and the role of AC's Director of Human Resources are very similar, and I know that I can carry over my experience to do a great job for Accounting Club. My experiences in previous leadership roles have also made me grow into a very responsible, determined hard-worker, and I think I can use those skills to give back to Accounting Club.

In terms of professional and personal development, I feel that my experiences in AC have forced me to grow in a number of ways. I would love to continue growing with the club, but also to maintain that others gain what I did from joining AC. If chosen for this position, I will strive to continuously improve both the club, and myself as a leader. I believe that my dedication and passion for Accounting Club, paired with my previous experience and ability to learn and improve, makes me a worthy candidate for your vote.

Kyle Watanabe


Hey AC! My name is Kyle Watanabe and I’m running for the Director of Human Resources. I am currently a senior majoring in Accounting.

The HR Director has many responsibilities that I believe I am more than capable of fulfilling. One of the responsibilities of the Director of HR is Aloha Banquet and I have served on the committee for the past 2 semesters, which makes me familiar with the planning and execution of a successful Aloha Banquet. Secondly, I am responsible and organized so I will be able to accurately maintain the active status records. Lastly, as the current Director of Student Relations, I believe I have the interpersonal skills to organize Recruitment week and recruit future members who will align with the values and culture of Accounting Club.

I am qualified for this position because of my experience on board this semester as the Director of Student Relations. This past semester has shown me how much hard work and time it takes to plan the various events and keep the club running smoothly and I believe that I have demonstrated my dedication and love for the club. I am proud to be an EB member and I hope I can continue to give back to the club and its members as the Director of HR.