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Director Human Resources

Amber Nakamoto


Hello Accounting Club! My name is Amber Nakamoto, and I am running for Director of Human Resources. I am currently a senior majoring in accounting and graduating in Fall 2015. This is my second semester in accounting club and I have been active both semesters. I have to say that this has been the best two semesters of my college life. I have made many friends and memories in the accounting club and I just want to give back.

I understand that being the Director of Human resources is a huge responsibility and will take a lot of dedication and hard work. I was a Girl Scout and played volleyball for 10 years. I’ve also been in martial arts since 5 years old and have been an instructor for 8 years to this day. This shows that I can be committed and hard working.

Ever since my freshman year I was able to juggle 15 credits and 2 part time jobs. It may sound like a handful but I always made time for whatever I needed to do. This experience has taught me how to prioritize and be a more responsible person. Next semester I will be a part time student so I feel like I will have a lot of time to dedicate to my duties and still have time to help other board members. I realize that being on board means knowing how to work as a team and I feel like I have had a lot of experience working with others and being a team player. I understand what my priorities are and will always put a 110% effort in whatever I do. With my flexible schedule and passion for helping others I feel like I am the best candidate for the Director of Human Resources.

Dahvon Siongco


Hi Accounting Club! My name is Dahvon Siongco and I am running for the position of Director of Human Resources for the Fall 2015 semester. This is my second semester in Accounting Club and I am currently a junior majoring in Accounting, Management, and International Business. I feel I am capable of taking on an Executive Board position and contributing even more to AC for the coming semester.

I have previously served on the Executive Board for International Business Organization (IBO) last semester as the Director of Finance. As Director of Finance I was responsible for the financial well- being of the organization. However, I feel the greatest reward from being on board was being able to work and communicate with other board members to achieve the organization’s goals and enrich members’ experience in the club. I believe my experience on board for IBO and the lessons I’ve learned will help me to fulfill my duties as Director of Human Resources for AC.